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    To dry hop or not to dry hop?

    We, three friends are about to brew a belgian strong ale with apricots, some kind of tripel(but not quite), but hoppier, in the style of Chouffe houblon and Duvel tripel hop, the recipe is as follows: For about 6 gallons: 8.5 kg pilsner malt 0.25 kg aromatic malt 0.25 kg belgian biscuit malt...
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    Just loved the brurey smoking wood and wants to brew something like it

    The batch is 25 liter Grain bill: 5 kg weyermann smoked malt(maybe divide it 2/3 to 1/3 with oak smoked wheat, not sure if it's available) (50%) 2 kg weyermann munich type 2 (20%) 1.5 weyermann rye malt (15%) 0.35 kg munton's 60L crystal malt (3.5%) 0.35 kg munton's 95L crystal malt (3.5%)...
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    Too crazy?

    I had this idea for a brew a few weeks now and i just saw the episode on graff NB did, it's a blend of mead, cider and beer, the idea is to make each of them separately and then blend. The beer is a simple one 50/50 maris otter and vienna malt boiled for 3 hours with OG of about 1.090 hopped to...
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    Brewing My first Big beer, Russian Imperial stout, what do you think?

    25L batch: 5.8 kg Maris Otter (crisp) - 3 srm - 58% 1.5 kg Munich Malt (best maltz) - 8 srm - 15% 0.2 kg Acid Malt - 2 srm - 2% 0.5 kg toasted quick oats - 8 srm - 5% 0.55 kg Amber malt (crisp) - 30 srm - 5.5% 0.45 kg Brown Malt (crisp) - 76 srm - 4.5% 0.65 kg Roasted barley (weyermann) - 413...
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    Brewing My first Big beer, Russian Imperial stout what do you think?

    25L batch: 5.8 kg Maris Otter (crisp) - 3 srm - 58% 1.5 kg Munich Malt (best maltz) - 8 srm - 15% 0.2 kg Acid Malt - 2 srm - 2% 0.5 kg toasted quick oats - 8 srm - 5% 0.55 kg Amber malt (crisp) - 30 srm - 5.5% 0.45 kg Brown Malt (crisp) - 76 srm - 4.5% 0.65 kg Roasted barley (weyermann) -...
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    My First all grain - porter, suggestions?

    27L batch: 4.75 Kg Marris Otter - 68% 700 Gr Crisp Brown Malt - 10% 500 Gr toasted Quick oats - 7% 350 gr Cara-pils - 5% 350 gr Cara Aroma - 5% 280 gr munton's chocolate malt - 4% 70 gr black malt - 1% Mash at high temp(160F) for 90 min add 21L water, no sparging, sparging in the end...
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    Using hop tea to increase Hop flavor and aroma to a beer in the secondary?

    I'v brewd some kind of hybrid between a belgian triple, honey wheat beer and an IPA using sorachi ace hops, the beer is around 8.3% abv it's in the secondery for about 3 weeks now, the ibu is about 50 and i want to increase it to around 60-65, is the tea hop technique is the right way to go? i'm...
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    Does toasted quick oats needs to be mashed?

    I'm using in a 25L batch of chocolate porter 500 grams of toasted quick oats, do i need to add base malt to help convert it? if so, how much?
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    Tried to brew a chocolate porter but something isn't right

    Well, i tried to brew this one but something is'nt quite right with the flavor, i used raw cocca nibs, 150 gram per 20 liters, and there are some off flavors, kinda earthy mess, it was in the secondery for 3 weeks, sanitized in bourbon for 3 days, maybe the problem was with the recipe? the...
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    Recipe critique - Spicy BBQ beer

    It's a little out there, did anyone attempted something similar? i think i'll brew it soon so tell me what you think: Batch: 25 liter. grains: 5 kg German Rauch Smoked 350 gr peated malt 700 gr rye malt 350 gr chocolate malt 350 gr Melanoiden Malt or honey malt mash it for 90 min...
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    Honey wheat IPA with Sorachi Ace, what do you think?

    For 20 liters: 3 kg extra light DME 1 kg wheat malt(needs mashing or steeping is enough? if so what temp and how long?) 0.5 kg honey(not sure what kind, maybe lavander) I want to sanatize it just enough to do the job without damaging the flavor and aroma too much, maybe diluting it with a...
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    I need your opinion on this recipe

    Me and a friend are going to brew the beer this weekend, i came up with the recipe, tell me what you think and if i need to change anything. Batch size: 21 liter. 2.5 kg of muntons light dme. 0.5 kg of muntons amber dme. 0.5 kg of muntons wheat dme. Grains: 200 gr of Special B 200 gr...
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    I "cooked" the wort insted of boiled

    What effect it can have on the final product? It was an extract beer from DME, the temp' was 158 for 45 min+5 more of full boil.
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    Fermentation temp'

    Could a fermentation in the mid-high 70's cause a beer lose it's body and make it too thin? The first beer i made fermented in those temperatures and i want too know how it affected it so i wont make the same mistakes. the next one i'm thinking about mid-high 60's.
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    Brewing my first partial mash

    I've brewed my first extract beer and it turned ok but nothing like i planned, after tips from other brewers i undestood what i did wrong, now i'm thinking about the second beer and i was told that a brown ale is the sefest taste wise and easiest, i'm more of a porter/stout guy so i went toward...