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  1. Alemaker

    Natural Gas hose and fittings

    Been a number of years since I posted here (or brewed for that matter). I'm wanting to take my single tier system from propane to natural gas. I have a 1/2 ball valve ready for me to use on the back patio, so I need a hose and some QD fittings. This stuff is crazy expensive for what it...
  2. Alemaker

    Copper immersion chiller froze...

    Well, I took a bit of time off of homebrewing, and I left my copper wort chiller outside with water in it. Apparently, last winter it froze. There were four places that had ruptures, so I cut those out and was planning on soldering it back together again. It's in several pieces now. This...
  3. Alemaker

    My stuck ferment...I'm going to experiment

    two weeks ago, I brewed 10 gal of Orfy's Mild Mannered Ale. I overshot my gravity a bit, as it came in at 1.042. Still not a big beer by any stretch. Orfy recommends mashing at 158, but I mashed at 155 instead since I like mine a bit dryer. I pitched rehydrated Nottingham, and had active...
  4. Alemaker

    Pumpernickel Porter?

    I've been thinking about brewing a rye porter and spicing it with caraway seeds. My vision is pumpernickel bread in a glass. I'm looking for chocolate and molasses notes, spiciness from the rye, and a hint of caraway. I've seen a few posts and some Google results referencing some commercial...
  5. Alemaker

    Mauribrew yeast?

    I stumbled across so posts here about Mauribrew Ale yeast that supposedly ferments cleanly up to 86F. If it can actually do this, and if it produces a good flavor profile, my fermentation capabilities would be GREATLY expanded. Does anyone have much experience with this yeast, and where...
  6. Alemaker

    Drilled a bit too large on keggle

    I went from too small to too big really quickly somehow. I wanted to solder it, but now I think there's way too much play. I have a 1/2" stainless coupling that I want to solder in for a drain valve. I'm using Stay-Brite 8, and it indicates that it is good at filling gaps in loose fittings...
  7. Alemaker

    ball valve lever alignment

    I've seen ball valves that are aligned perfectly (the levers are perfectly horizontal or vertical). Is the trick to this to screw the valves on first to find out where they stop, and then mark the couplings so that they'll be welded on correctly?
  8. Alemaker

    Coupling vs. nipple welded in a keggle

    What are the pros and cons of welding in couplings or welding in nipples in a keggle? My boil keggle has a nipple welded in, but I'm replacing my coolers and adding a keggle MLT and HLT to my setup (building a Brutus 10 like system). I've already cut the tops, they just need some plumbing...
  9. Alemaker

    Natural Gas. Pipe size and placement

    I'm thinking of running (having a plumber run) a natural gas line to my back yard. I'd be using this for brewing of course, but would also like to run my gas grill on it too. Is there a standard size pipe that they run for all gas lines? Or is there a size I want to make sure is run to...
  10. Alemaker

    Old Malt

    How old is too old to brew with? I have some Hugh Baird that's about 3 years old now. Will this taste old? Could I get by with making stouts and porters with it?
  11. Alemaker

    external heat exchanger ideas (herms)

    I'm trying to come back to homebrewing after a long layoff. I put together a crude HERMS system with a PID controlled external heat exchanger. The heat exchanger was ugly. I used an old fermentation bucket, a lot of copper tubing, a 240V element, and some JB Weld. What I really dislike...