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    New Jersey Complete Stainless All Grain 10 Gallon Home Brewing System

    After many years of enjoyment I am selling my full home-brew system. I am only interested in selling the full package together. Everything is in good working condition. Resell, hold for back-up or gift anything extra you don’t need. Purchased new, easily more than $5,000. You will need...
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    New Jersey 50 1-liter brown EZ Cap Bottles

    I have 50+ 1-liter brown EZ Cap Bottles that I would like to sell in a single lot for $100. These bottles are all used, but it good condition. After I started kegging, I never wanted to bottle again. These bottles are high quality glass. Size and ez-cap speeds up the bottle operation...
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    Oak Keezer Build

    I am finally motivating to build my keezer. The first step I took was to review the countless projects posted here to determine which ideas I wanted to "adopt" for my build. With such a rich resource, it was easy to conceptualize my build. I haven't drawn up a detailed plan, but have a...
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    8 Gallon Kettle, 15 Gallon Kettle, 3 Carboy, +

    Having upgraded much of my equipment, I am looking to sell my excess equipment. Here you go: 8 Gallon Mega Pot The 8 Gallon pot is 13" tall and 15" in diameter. Wall thickness is 1.0 mm. Ball Valve and Brewmometer. New Retail: $219.99 2 x 5 Gallon Glass Carboys. New Retail: 33.99...