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    Arguing about differences in taste

    From another thread: I am curious what other people think about this. I tend to think that arguing about the merits and demerits of beer has its value, so long as you say more than "I like it" or "I don't." For instance, when I say something good about a beer, I don't just mean "I like it"...
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    Pumpkin Beer Sighting

    I saw my first pumpkin beer of the year today--- Brooklyn's Post Road. Today is August 6, and most of the country is experiencing a heat wave. Something to remember when there isn't a pumpkin beer to be found during the first week of November!
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    Chelsea Brewing Company in NYC

    I went to this place a while back for a few beers. It was beautiful-- right on the Hudson. And the beer was pretty good--- I liked their imperial stout. So my wife and I were back in NYC and went back for dinner. Whoa. The food was sooooo bad. Bad enough to ruin the beer. I left a half...
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    didn't carbonate

    2 and 1/2 months in the bottle. 11% abv, dark brown beer. tastes great. Not a hint of carbonation. Is it likely that the yeast died? It was only in secondary for 6 weeks. What should I do? Anyone ever open them up and add more yeast?
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    Longest it has taken to carbonate?

    What is the longest it has ever taken for one of your beers to carbonate, (despite the fact that it eventually did carbonate)? I am at 4 weeks now with very little sign of anything going on. It is a high gravity dark beer, so I expect it to take longer. But I have never gone 4 weeks and had...
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    So I decided to brew my pumpkin ale this weekend. I want it ready for Sept 1. when college football season starts, and the spices take a while to mellow, I think. So I got to like five places to look for canned pumpkin. And none have it. Apparently there is some nation-wide pumpkin shortage...
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    Toasting wood

    I got some Palo Santo wood sticks to put in my secondary. Does anyone have an opinion about whether I should toast them before doing this, or if I should just throw them in there?
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    Crystal 120 vs. Special B

    I am making a big (11%) brown ale that I expect to be sweet and have a lot of body. I am planning on putting in either 2 lbs of crystal 120 or special B. Does anyone have thoughts on what the potential upside or downside of one versus the other might be, or how different these two might taste...
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    I am fermenting a Belgian Tripel. The recipe says to ferment at around 60 degrees during the most vigorous stage, and then bring it up to 70 or so. I don't know the actual temperature inside the ale pale. But right now it is in my basement where the ambient temperature is a little below 60...
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    DFH Red and White

    Has anyone done a DogFish Head Red and White clone?
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    Favorite Christmas/ Winter Beers

    Just visited my local liquor store which allows mixing and matching 6-packs. Seems like a lot of the Christman/Winter beers are out. I got something called Troegs Mad Elf, Weyerbacher Winter Ale, and some other stuff. Looking forward to giving them a try. What are some people's favorites?
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    Malt smell/flavor

    There have been a lot of threads about getting a malt taste in beer. Inevitably it is pointed out that there are lots of malt tastes. So here is a specific taste/smell I am after: It's in a lot of doppelbocks. There is a hint of it in Stone Arrogant Bastard. There is a lot of it in Smaltz...
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    First Partial Mash

    Did it 6 weeks ago, or so. Popped one open now, and it is a real improvement. I don't have the space to do AG, and was worried that a PM wouldn't be enough to make much of a difference. But I did it mostly with Munich malt, and it gave it a really nice bready malty flavor that I can't get...
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    Pumpkin Beer lovers. . . behold
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    Brewing to Style vs. Extreme

    So what is the general feeling on this board about brewing to style vs. doing DogFish Head-style crazy experimentation? I suppose one question is what people are actually trying to do with their brewing hobby and why (replicate/tweak beers vs. discovering something new). But another is just...
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    Stout w/ Grapes?

    I have maybe 20 oz of muscat grape concentrate left over from a Midas Touch batch I did awhile ago. I was trying to figure out what to do with it (it is just sitting in the freezer). I was thinking of making 5 gallons of Imperial Stout with cascade hops and adding some of the concentrate as...
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    What to brew next?

    I started brewing in May, and am doing partial mash now. I've done the following beers, and am trying to figure out what would be good to do next from a "learning" standpoint. -Kolsch -Begian Tripel -Sweet Stout -Midas Touch (DFH Clone) -Pumpkin Ale & Pumpkin Porter -Imperial Oaked...
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    First Partial Mash

    I'm going to do my first partial mash this weekend. I'm am looking to make this very simple. I want to make some sort of an English Pale Ale with a malty flavor. So, do I have this right--- -1 lb or 2-Row Pale = .6 lb DME -if I want to add Munich, I should have a pound of 2-Row for...
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    How long do the yeast live?

    How long can you leave your beer sit until you'll need to add yeast for carbonation? I know people who leave barleywines sit for 6 months need to add yeast. I have a couple of beers that I left in the primary for 4 weeks, and secondary for 4 more weeks. Is that pushing it? What would be...
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    dry hop

    Is there any reason not to dry hop in the primary after the fermentation has died down? I am thinking of dry hopping after day 11 or so, leaving it for another 10 days and then racking to secondary. Is that ok, or will I lose something?