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    Nooby question about CO2 pressure

    I'm a new convert to kegging and this is the first time I've ever worked with bear with me...I've searched for threads on this and haven't really seen this issue. I racked the beer I cold crashed into my keg and started force carbing like the owner of my local HB shop suggested. I...
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    Propane tank in car during errands

    Ok...I know...stupid question, probably but... I need to brew on Saturday but the propane tank is light and I don't want to chance running out during my boil. Problem is we live in a rural area and the closest place to get a refill is around 35 miles away so it looks like I'll have to get the...
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    Slow Starter Question

    I was going to brew an Oktoberfest ale yesterday (Wednesday) but the yeast starter I pitched Tuesday night seemed to be dead in the water yesterday afternoon so I gave up on the idea. (It was the White Labs German Ale/Kolsch strain, btw.) After reading a few threads on this board, I decided...
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    My first dud...and a question (somewhat long)

    Yesterday I spent 6 1/2 hours on my second all grain beer, an APA with an expected OG of 1.051. When I took my reading before pitching, I got a 1.034...not at all the result I expected. My last beer (the 1st all grain attempt) was an IPA with an expected OG of 1.066 that I hit right on the...
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    CO2 refill in Louisville/Southern Indiana area?

    I'm putting this out to all the forum members in Louisville KY or Southern Indiana. I'll be getting a kegging system soon...(just one time bottling and I was looking for the alternative)...and just wanted to know where I can get the CO2 tank refilled in the area. Your replies will be...
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    Question about very active fermentation

    It's the morning after I pitched my yeast starter into a batch of hefeweitssen (my 2nd batch of beer) . I have around 5 1/4 gal of wort in a 6 gal plastic primary. When I looked this morning, the airlock was partially filled with kreusen and the top of the fermenter was bulging...I could hear...
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    First Batch....just a bit paranoid

    Going into the 2nd week of the secondary ferm on my first batch of homebrew, the Brewer's Best IPA kit. I hit my OG and FG right on (5%ABV as expected). Of course, this was after using a whole packet of One Step on everything. I was a "bit" obsessed with sanitizing. 1st ferm was mostly...