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    beer tastes better but is flat

    I bottled a batch of American-style pale ale about 2 months ago. The beer was awfully bitter and I hoped it would improve with time (indeed, much advice on this forum suggests that is true). I bottled in swing top glass bottles. I cracked another open today and the bitterness had indeed...
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    Tried first beer

    Brewed a batch of Brewer's Best American Micro Style pale ale. Bottled 3 weeks later. They've been in the bottle for two weeks. Chilled and tried one today. It tasted pretty bad. Recipe was 6.6 lbs Plain Light LME 12 oz. Crystal malt 60L 1.5 oz cascade hops - 60 min 1.5 oz. willamette...
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    Topping off

    If I wanted to top-off my brewing meads with honey, how should I go about it? Simply pour honey in? Pour and stir? Dissolve honey in water and add? Also, when should I top-off and how much should I be adding? I have two batches going in 5-gal carboys.
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    Not very hopeful

    I received free honey from relatives who keep bees. I made two batches of mead yesterday. However, I am not altogether very hopeful. They honey had a pretty strong odor and I'm wondering (hoping really) if those smells will work themselves out of my finished product. I'm planning on making a...
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    First time mead-maker

    Relatives of mine are amatuer bee-keepers (in the middle of suburbia) and have supplied me with honey for my first batch of mead. They gave me more than I need for one batch, so I decided to buy a little extra honey and make two. I think I'll make a dry, sparkling mead with Lalvin EC-1118...
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    Just bottled first batch

    Brewed a Brewer's Best Micro-Style Pale Ale and bottled yesterday. Question, how much will the flavor improve in the bottle? I took a hygrometer sample and drank it afterwords, and the result was not particularly tasty. And whoever it was on these boards who suggested bottling in the...
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    When to rack cider

    I started a 5 gal batch of cider a week ago split into two containers (Mr. Beer brew kegs proving their worth). I plan on racking both batches to a 5-gal carboy. My question is when should I do that?