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    Bought a Large Steam Kettle - Now What?

    So, I bought a large steam kettle for the brewery I want to have "someday". It has a capacity of 600 gallons, but I'll only brew 400 due to head space. It may have been an impulse buy. I assumed hooking it up to a Craiglist boiler from a home furnace would be enough. Now, I'm thinking, not...
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    Harvesting Simcoe/Citra Seeds from Packages of Leaf Hops?

    Has anyone attempted growing seeds found in packages of loose leaf hops? I'm aware: kilning probably killed the seeds Who knows what the male plant was - no true breeding It will be two years, at least, before I can see results About half the seeds will be male However, I figure...
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    Cider with Apple/Crab Apple Mix?

    Howdy! We have loads of crab apples this season. Does anyone have a recipe for a hard cider with a dose of crab apples? I expect they'd make for a very tart drink. The orchards here in New Hampshire/Vermont are just starting to harvest apples. Mmm mmm good! Thanks! Brent
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    Cloning Sam Adam's Imperial Pilsner?

    Hello, My Hallertau hops are growing like the weeds they are. Has anyone tried to clone Sam Adam's "intense hop experience" Imperial Pilsner? I think my fresh hops will be perfect for this. My gut instinct is to brew a nice pils and then double the hops. However, I'd appreciate a little...
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    Mapfelwein OG?

    I followed Cheese's recipe last night. It's percolating happily beside me now. I used three pounds of honey and one quart of maple syrup as per the recipe. However, my original gravity came in at 1.070. That isn't much different than my Scotch Ales. I was expecting a higher OG. Has anyone...
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    Hop Clipping Swap?

    Howdy! I understand that we can propogate hops with clippings as well as rhizomes and seeds. I'm planning on trimming my Halertuer (sp) back to three bines this weekend. Would anyone like to swap my extra bines for Cascade or other varieties? I'll mail you mine and you mail you yours...
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    Using Antique Bottles?

    Howdy! I've been finding some neat old bottles. They appear to be clean and free from cracks or voids. Is there any reason not to use an antique bottle? I am planning on brewing a batch of porter or barley wine as Christmas gifts for some close friends and family. It would be even more fun...