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    I'm Too Not Proud

    not too proud collect all the non twist top beer bottles at the company Christmas party, make sure they are well rinsed and bag them up for the trip home. The sixer of my home brew was the most fought for white elephant gift! :D Dave
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    Two Hearted Harvest Failure?

    I pitched the dregs from three bottles into a starter dme solution. No sign of life after 24 hours. Some of the other threads indicated a rapid takeoff. Is she a gonner? The only thing I might have hosed up was there might have been some temp differences when combining dregs and starter...
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    Hurricane Banjo Burner Flame

    I just got one, and I understand from other threads the flame is somewhat small, but gosh mine is probably less than half an inch. Can someone post up a pic of their flame with this NG burner? Would increasing my orifice size help? Thanks. Dave
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    Am I fermenting too cold?

    I'm doing Edworts IPA which I have done numerous times and love it. I try to keep the fermentation around 60 or 62 but it tends to take 14 or so days. this last time, even after 14 days it had a few points to go, so I raised it to 70 and it took off again for about a day. Am I fermenting...
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    Splitting Yeast Bed into Two Five Gallon Batches

    What would be the best way to split the yeast bed from a finished batch among two five gallon batches to be fermented? I was thinking I would pour in couple courts of sterilized water, swirl around, let settle for a few minutes, pour off liquid into two even amounts and then pitch.
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    Splitting Yeast Bed into two Five Gallon Batches

    Sorry, wrong location for this. I moved to yeast section. Moderator, please delete. Thanks.
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    Can cornies operate lying on side?

    I realized there are probably issues with the dip tub as well as the PRV, but where there is a will (especially for beer) there is a way. So I was wondering if anyone has tried this and had success. I was thinking I could lift them on one end slightly to keep the PRV from being flooding with...
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    What did I brew?

    14# Munich malt 1# Aromatic 1# German Pils 1# Caramunich 1# Melanoidin Wyeast 2206/ 3L stater 1.25 Hallertau at 75 min. .75 Hallertau at 15min. I was shooting for a Dopplebock. The starter was very slow to take off but it finally did. The main batch has been fermenting...
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    Microbrew yeast questions

    I swung by the microbrew right up the street and asked it they gave away yeast slurry. They said yes and to bring a jar with water that had been boiled. I'm familiar with the yeast washing method in the sticky above so I've got that part down. He also said it would be highly aerated yeast. I...
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    Scuba Bottle for CO2

    I was noticing that CO2 tanks are aluminum cylinders rated for 1800 psi. I have a gaggle of 80 cf scuba tanks which are aluminum cylinders rated for 3000. If I put the appropriate valve on a scuba cylinder shouldn't it work for a CO2 bottle? I wonder if the thread in the neck are the...
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    Aeration when repitch?

    I'm tried the AHBS bavarian hefeweizen and made a few mistakes. I didn't really aerate the wort other than the splashing through the funnel into the carboy. I also tried to proof the dry yeast (per John Palmer which I now know is not necessary) but didn't see any activity but pitched...