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    Ss Brewtech Huge Giveaway - 7 Gallon Unitank + Sspunding Valve

    Ooh. That's a lot of stainless steel. Put me down for an entry.
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    ESB recipe formulation attempt #1

    I would drop the special b.
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    Complex Red IPA

    I understand. I was mostly impressed. 😀
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    Favorite "Two Hop" IPA combinations.

    haven't used it much lately, but back when I brewed regularly I loved Centennial and Amarillo together as late hop additions. I brewed a IIPA that was Magnum at 60, and then a total of 8oz of Centennial and Amarillo from 15 mins to flameout.
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    Claybank Hoppy Red v 1.0

    Doesn't look bad, i've been planning to brew something similar for a while. Are you worried at all that it will come across more as an amber ale than a red ipa?
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    Complex Red IPA

    19 oz of hops. :ban:
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    licorice root?

    What do you think about having it in the mash to avoid the need to strain?
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    Putting together Picobrew IPA Recipe

    One off problem. I didn't check the gap in the mill before crushing and it was way to tight. I'm pretty sure that was the problem.
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    Putting together Picobrew IPA Recipe

    That went poorly. The pico wasn't pumping enough water into the mash (probably my fault somehow) and the wort was only at 1.040. added some dme to bring it up to 1.065. There were crazy long protein strands from the only partially mashed malt that I cannot imagine this will be clear at all...
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    Putting together Picobrew IPA Recipe

    I am not planning to use the whole pound of citra in the beer. :) Right now I'm looking at 0.5 oz Citra - 15 minutes 1 oz Citra - 10 minutes 2 oz Amarillo - Whirlpool 1 oz El Dorado - Whirlpool 1 oz Citra - Whirlpool
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    Putting together Picobrew IPA Recipe

    Already bought my ingredients, just need to build the specifics. I'm looking for a tropical/citrus aroma, with a mild bitterness. I'm thinking something like a SN Tropical Torpedo. Grain - 7 lbs rahr 2 row 0.5 Crystal 10-15 1.5 marris otter A little acid malt Water - RO+gypsum and calcium (I...
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    Wedding beer?!?!

    I like your original options. Kolsch, IPA and a cider. Belgian Wits are one of my least favorite beers.
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    Favorite Amber Ale Hops

    I'm a fan of a centennial, Chinook, cascade combo late, and Magnum as the 60 min addition.
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    Session IPA Recipe - Thoughts?

    I brewed the following in a Zymatic the other day. I just wanted to try something different. The Hallertau, Goldings and yeast were already on hand, and the Amarillo was an impulse buy at the LHBS. I also just kind of wanted to play around and see what this combo tasted like. :) If you...
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    Dank Pale Ale

    I've never seen Ruination (original) referred to as dank. I've certainly never experienced it as such. It had the citrus/grapefruit you would expect from a beer that used centennial for flavor and aroma. I think centennial is the wrong way to go as a primary late hop if you're going for dank...
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    Crafty Dan - 13 Guns American IPA

    Are we assuming flaked rye instead of rye malt based on their comment of rich mouthfeel?
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    American maibock--anyone tried it?

    I obviously noticed the rice, but didn't make that connection. :-) . Thanks for clarifying.
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    Boil Kettle hopps.

    I use a hop spider with a big paint bag. I've never used a washer in the bottom, but I will from now on. I think that it probably does impact hop utilization to a degree, but I really don't want to deal with hop debris in the plate chiller.
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    American maibock--anyone tried it?

    SO is it the using of mt hood instead of something like hallertauer what makes this an american maibock? Was the mt hood choice because it is similar to hallertauer/tettnanger, or availability?