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  1. saludaranger

    Malting My Own Wheat

    Dear folks, I purchased raw soft wheat from a mill here in SC (built in the late 1800s and the tour was unbelievable.) I have germinated the wheat and plan on heating it in ovens that I can set at 125 degrees. In essence - I am malting my wheat for my wheat beer recipe. Here is my question: I...
  2. saludaranger

    addition of honey to Brown Ale

    I have a recipe for Brown Ale from a Liquid hobby ingredient kit. it calls for: 3.3 lb Dark Malt Extract 1 bag of dry malt extract malto dextrin 1 oz hops 1 packet of yeast 5 oz priming sugar Can i add 2 lbs of honey to the wort after the boil (no longer on heat) to create a honey brown...