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    Dry Aftertaste??

    I have not thought about tannins but that is a good point. When I was starting the batch I ran out to go grab something quickly while the grains were steeping and I got stuck at the a draw bridge so the grains steeped for almost an hour. The beer does have that "overdone tea taste". I had...
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    Dry Aftertaste??

    Just bottled my first batch. It spent one week in the first fermentor and just under 4 weeks in the secondary. I noticed two days before bottling that the airlock was almost dry(had been checking it for the first 2 weeks everyday and it had not dropped one bit!!) So I added some water using an...
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    Damn you blowoff!!!

    The easiest fix is move to move to Maine...... perfect temps in summer for ales and perfect in winter for lagers...problem solved!!!!(other than the fact that my beer may be floating in the basement tomorrow after all the rain we are getting!!!!) Good Luck!!!
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    Just started my fist batch yesterday evening...

    It has been in the bucket for about 26 hrs now. My main concern is that that all may get into the spot where it is dripping. Thanks for any advice!!
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    Just started my fist batch yesterday evening...

    This is my fist batch ever. The True Brew kit I purchased from my home brew shop was listed as a two stage. The kit included a glass carboy and a bottling bucket. The shop owner suggested my doing the 1st stage in the bottling bucket which made sense. My problem now is....I checked it this...