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    First beer from a confirmed winemaker

    Cool! I really like the label, it's very original... and I usually like to try new things!!! If it tastes half as good as it looks... :)
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    24hr - Fermentation Process - First Timer!

    Hooch - lol I don't think I'll ever do that again... it's just, it's hard for my to get alcohol, so I wanted to see if this would work and it did!:) For next time, I'll try to get a bit of money and go to the local wine-place (5min. away from my house) and get some wine-makers yeast. Second...
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    24hr - Fermentation Process - First Timer!

    Greetings dear reader, Yesterday, was the first time I tried to make alcohol. Ingredients and material used: 4litres of water (tap) 4cups of sugar (regular) 1"cake" of fresh baker's yeast 10strawberry tea bags It's been about 24hrs and I am now sitting at my computer drinking a...