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  1. edbees

    Nano Brewmaster

    Anyone hear anything about this? My brother sent me this link: Beer: NanoBrewMaster Home Brew Station Will Be the End of Me Their web site doesn't offer much info either.
  2. edbees

    Bob Cannon (Sam Adams) Interview

    I thought some may find this interesting, an interview with Bab Cannon, brewmaster from Sam Adams. Boston Beer brewery Sam Adams ale microbrews Harpoon - New
  3. edbees

    Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    Well next Friday, I'm going under the knife for right hand Carpal Tunnel surgery, as well as right thumb trigger release (left hand was done two years ago). I will be out on disability for a month. I made sure I had all my beer tasks done before then. I just kegged my Helles Lager and my...
  4. edbees

    Mt St Helles, super aeration!

    Well I tried out my new aeration stone today brewing my first lager (NB Bavarian Helles AG). Well I never expected this! The only thing I did different...
  5. edbees

    Disposable Plastic Air Stone

    Hi Folks, I recently started aerating my wort with an aquarium air pump. I bought a 2 micron stainless steel diffuser, but no matter how carefully I handled it, the damn thing is clogged. I found this today at Petco...