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  1. Kung_Pow_34

    Mix LME (Wheat/Amber)?

    Killer... I'll see how it goes. (Gonna use the light DME) Thanks!
  2. Kung_Pow_34

    Mix LME (Wheat/Amber)?

    Looking for a quick-turn answer, but I have a Belgian Wit Wyeast activator, 1 can of wheat LME, several cans of extra light/light LME, assorted other LME... I really want to make a wheat, but can I mix my 1 can of wheat with something else? I don't think it matters, but looking for some...
  3. Kung_Pow_34

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    12,533 + 5 = 12,538 Legend
  4. Kung_Pow_34

    Blew my top

    Wow, what went into that brew??? I primary in my South Dakota basement, so maybe I've avoided the explosion due to lower temps. So do you guys always use blow-off tubes in warmer climates?
  5. Kung_Pow_34

    Apfelwein Fun!

    Sweet, thanks! Going with the P.C.
  6. Kung_Pow_34

    Apfelwein Fun!

    Whoever said that Ed's apfelwein got you drunk at warp-speed was 100% correct. I don't have any montrachet at the moment, anyone else use a different wine yeast for apfelwein?
  7. Kung_Pow_34

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Just made 3... First try at it, sounds like I can't go wrong with this one! 11,474.5 + 3 = 11,477.5 (where did the .5 come from?)
  8. Kung_Pow_34

    substitute for dried sweet orange peel

    So do you guys microwave the citrus zest for any amount of time.... add it during primary or secondary?
  9. Kung_Pow_34

    Tutorial for Shipping Beer

    Just interested... if you go to that much trouble to package the brew, we're avoiding shipping via USPS because why? Oh, it's illegal? Ok, got it. Anyone have anything to say about this? Does anyone have "a friend" that ships via USPS and has found no problem?
  10. Kung_Pow_34

    Vintner's Harvest fruit bases

    Hey, just to jump on this bandwagon... (and to keep SWMBO happy) I have in my posession a 96oz can of the Vint. Cherry fruit base. After talking to a guy who uses wild fruit that he finds to make wine, I came to the conclusion that I should go with the 3 gallon recipe off of the label...
  11. Kung_Pow_34

    sub for nottingham yeast?

    Holy cow... you guys are using Nottingham primarily? It's that good? I used some kind of French "dry ale" yeast today and didn't bother to rehydrate. So what is everyone's "go-to" lager yeast?
  12. Kung_Pow_34

    corn sugar for priming Mr. Beer

    I just got my dad and brothers into Mr. Beer but have never used it myself. They call me for tips while "brewing" and I recommended adding corn sugar vs. table sugar for bottling. Is the amount the same? You guys have done this?
  13. Kung_Pow_34

    Recommendations on kegging kits

    Just to give feedback on my 'Midwest experience' COMPLETELY satisfied. Quality equipment (ordered the dual keg setup) and everything comes with detailed instructions. Kegs were shipped clean and in great shape. Have since done more business with them and plan on more in the future. Their...
  14. Kung_Pow_34

    Is my beer ruined?

    Copy all. Thanks fellas.
  15. Kung_Pow_34

    Is my beer ruined?

    I had a feeling it was one of those 'everyone has seen this' kinda thing.
  16. Kung_Pow_34

    Is my beer ruined?

    That same exact thing just happened to me a few days ago. Except the bottom half of the gromet fell in and I hadn't seen any bubbling going on. Decided to just replace the seal last night and everything appears fine now. I wonder if it's going to have any weird added flavor from the gromet...
  17. Kung_Pow_34

    Naming Beer

    so if you subscribe to the naming of all beers, if you reattack on trying to make a batch better, does it get the same name? calling it ---- Ale II would be lame like naming a pet that. do any of you mess with labels?
  18. Kung_Pow_34

    How soon after kegging can I drink the beer

    Ok, got it. Midwest has a dual regulator setup for a few bucks less. Do you replace the keg gaskets every so often, or just when you suspect a leak? (also, what's a reasonable price for a 5# CO2 fillup?)
  19. Kung_Pow_34

    How soon after kegging can I drink the beer

    Excellent, thanks! Looking at a 5# tank/2 keg setup on ($209). If I understand the concept correctly, I will be forcing the same pressure across both kegs. Is this an issue if I keep both kegs at the same temp (ie, stored in the same fridge)? Will 2 different types of beers...
  20. Kung_Pow_34

    How soon after kegging can I drink the beer

    Rando question: How long will a 5# CO2 tank last? Assumptions: 2 corny kegs connected to the tank. Beer will be consumed in 2-3 weeks from being carbed. Force carb will be done at serving temp. I'm looking to see if buying a more robust CO2 tank right off the bat will be worth it in the...