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  1. blancothebronco

    FOX to emasculate Futurama

    Maybe I should have read the article first, the interview I saw was about a month ago so I guess things have changed.:mad:
  2. blancothebronco

    FOX to emasculate Futurama

    I saw a recent interview with Billy West discussing new Futurama episodes, he will be doing the voices:rockin:
  3. blancothebronco

    tattoos & tipping tattoo artists

    I don't tip because society says I have to. All right, if someone deserves a tip, if they really put forth an effort, I'll give them something a little something extra. But this tipping automatically, it's for the birds. As far as I'm concerned, they're just doing their job.
  4. blancothebronco

    Which beer style is most associated with your nation?

    Unfortunately America is most associated with a 50% water 50% piss mixture...but at least it's triple hopped! Thanks Miller! Luckily, America also boasts world class craft brews and damned good beers coming out of the garages of HBT members.:mug:
  5. blancothebronco

    My beer isn't boiling!

    Simplest solution...BANJO BURNER!:rockin:
  6. blancothebronco

    best metal band of all time (metallica not allowed)

    Raining Blood was played quietly during dinner at my wedding reception, so my vote goes to Slayer.:rockin: Also, enjoy some Fantomas
  7. blancothebronco

    So why do people post the same answers over and over and over?

    I agree with the truthiness of above posts (also shamelessly upping post count to improve credibility in homebrew related matters):o
  8. blancothebronco

    What do you do in summer to keep your fermenters cool?

    Some of these cooling solutions bring shame to my rubbermade tub with water and 2 liters of ice :rockin:, although I can maintain around 60 degrees without the wet t shirt and fan.
  9. blancothebronco

    What should I make next BrewDay?

    A bitter sounds good, maybe something similar to Rouge Brutal Bitter!
  10. blancothebronco

    Happy New Year!!! Any Brewing on the 1st?

    I made a starter today for my 847 Suburban Wheat I will be brewing tomorrow. I might transfer my IPA to secondary as well. Hopefully I'm not too hung over.:cross:
  11. blancothebronco

    Military Brewers

    US Army 19K 3d Armored Cav 2003-2006 OIFIII Tal Afar, times!
  12. blancothebronco

    Starter: To Decant or not to Decant...

    I always pitch the entire starter. The only time I have noticed substantial off flavors was the one time I used no starter at all.
  13. blancothebronco

    Bottle Conditioning vs Carboy Conditioning. What's the difference?

    Yeast are a social animal, they prefer to be among friends. 5 gallons of bulk aging lets them party harder than in a 12oz bottle. (this could be bull****, I'm pretty drunk and quite the newb)
  14. blancothebronco

    What are you drinking now?

    Just finished a Hop Juice IIPA. Pretty damned good. Tomorrow will be a IIPA brew day as I've had a craving for hoppy beers lately and I need something to fill my early Christmas present from SWMBO (2 keg setup).:cross:
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