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  1. Roman Brewer

    Bulk Grain Buy in SE Michigan

    Hey everyone. I am organizing a bulk grain buy in the Metro Detroit area. This will be the 4th grain buy of it's kind that we have done, and they go very smoothly. Grain prices are great and everyone saves money. We had reached a pallet max of 42 bags, but one fella dropped out, and we are...
  2. Roman Brewer

    Devil May Cry (10.10.10 Edition) - Official Recipe

    Brewed mine yesterday, pitched yeast at 70 degrees at around 7:30 pm last night. This morning there was already a thick layer of krausen on the top and it was bubbling like mad!! :rockin: Cheers. Roman
  3. Roman Brewer

    Legal Questions

    Does being a drunken internet nobody disqualify one from giving sound legal advice? I think not. Point not taken. Roman
  4. Roman Brewer

    Bulk Grain Price

    You guys!! :rolleyes: C'mon now. Shake hands. Cheers. :mug: Roman
  5. Roman Brewer

    Bulk Grain Price

    Your LHBS isn't taking advantage, your just paying the retail mark up. It's how they stay in business. It's a fair price if you willing to pay it. Personally, I think the bulk buy is the way to go. Just get your base cheap and buy specialty stuff from your LHBS. We did two bulk buys this...
  6. Roman Brewer

    Does anybody brew outside in the winter?

    I brew in the winter all the time. I do notice that it seems like I get more boil off in the winter than I do in the summer, so I keep a close eye on that. We had a brew last year during a snow storm, so it was nice and cold. The snow really helped with the chilling for sure. A fish tank...
  7. Roman Brewer

    Testing HG Hop Bitterness

    Hey all, I am about to harvest my second year Centennial plant and I expect more hops than I'll be able to use up by next year's harvest. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on what to do to test the bitterness level of the hops since I won't be sending them to a lab to determine the...
  8. Roman Brewer

    10.10.10 Recipe Discussion Thread - The HBT Anniversary Series

    Hey all, Haven't participated in the thread, but I've been following. When it comes time to start trading next Sept/Oct, what is the process. Does everyone who wants to participate get put on some master list somewhere, and then told who to send their sixers to? I guess what I mean to say...
  9. Roman Brewer

    2009 Hop garden picture thread.

    This plant is a second year Centennial. There are lots of cones like that on there. I need to harvest some real soon. I have some little cones and burrs that need the extra strength from the plant. Cheers. Roman
  10. Roman Brewer

    2009 Hop garden picture thread.

    Sorry, no decent pictures of my full plant today, but here's a nice cone for ya!! Cheers. Roman
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  12. Roman Brewer

    south beach diet and no beer for 1 week and counting :(

    Umm... I lost 5 lbs recently and I don't even know why. You may thank me for this contribution by PM if you wish. Roman
  13. Roman Brewer

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    About an IPA I made and brought to my company picnic to share: Me: "You want to try one?" Boss: "Sure. What's it taste like? Is it good?" Me: "Yeah, it's great." (pour in picnic cup, hand to boss) Boss: "Ugh, that's awful." (Pours the beer out on the grass) Yeah. DB Roman
  14. Roman Brewer

    Best response to telling someone you homebrew

    Response: "Yeah sure. Let me finish this one and I'll bring you one in about 15-20 minutes."
  15. Roman Brewer

    Topping or no topping

    Eh, I'd leave it. So you're short a gallon. If you add water you'll just have to adjust the gravity measurements you took in the beginning, and in the end wind up with a different beer than you planned for. Seems like a lot to lose on an over active fermentation though. I've had some pretty...
  16. Roman Brewer

    conical fermenters..

    Basic Brewing Radio did a great show on the pro/cons of conical fermentors. Download that and check it out. Revvy might be able to help out with a link. Cheers. Roman
  17. Roman Brewer

    Kid Rock American Badass Beer.

    I've was sort of following this story for some time. I lost interest though because I really cannot stand Kid Rock (and I'm from Detroit). His music is terrible. It really is the worst crap the music industry can produce. Now, the beer will probably turn out to be decent. I'm expecting...
  18. Roman Brewer

    2 Batches from same grain?

    Bjornbrewer and I just did this over last weekend. We brewed a 10G (actually 11g) RIS and then a smaller beer right after. Our OG on 11g was 1.089. It should have been 10g but we were running way too late and Bjorn had to go, so we cut it a bit short, sacrificing gravity a bit. We sparged...