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  1. G_Brew

    Love Controller TSS2 probe

    Hi Everyone, I've just purchased the TSS2 Love controler from, and did not realise it did not come with the probe. I just need someone to confirm to me that this probe will work with the TSS2 before i order it...
  2. G_Brew

    finished Fermentation Chamber / Brewing Cabinet

    Hi Everyone, i've finished building my brew cabinet, looking for opinions and suggestions - my goal was to build it and spend the least money so i used any old stuff i had left over from other projects... I used a small 5000 btu air conditioner, the thermostat wont let it go lower then 66...
  3. G_Brew

    opinions please? brewing 5gal batch in 12.25 Gal Demijohn

    Hi everyone! I did find multiple threads about airspace in primary fermenter and all seem to say it doesn't really matter how much you have. However, no one seems to have attempted this extreme of airspace... My lids on my plastic buckets keep cracking... last 2 batches both lids started...