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  1. Jidas

    What are some of the mistakes you made...where your beer still turned out great!

    I was brewing baltic porter and ended up using a bad thermometer for my initial strike water (I realized this halfway through my rest). The temp of my mash was about 170 when I checked it with a correct thermometer. I hit the gravity I wanted but I knew it wouldn't attenuate well... Final...
  2. Jidas

    Fermentation temperature woes-still a noob I guess

    Using the plastic bins and water has worked very well for me. I put a powerhead (water pump) pointing at the heater to eliminate hot and cold spots. I can keep the temp within one degree without having to check on it. As grahamfw said, water has a high specific heat. It is much more resistant to...
  3. Jidas

    Trub and Grain Disposal?

    I have my SWMBO make dog treats out of the grain. My two dogs love it.
  4. Jidas

    Spigot Removal from Sanke

    post a pic.. im not sure what you mean by spigot.
  5. Jidas

    Temperature control for ales

    I agree with dontman. I have a large tub with an aquarium heater and a power head to help avoid hot and cold spots. It fits two six-gallon carboys and holds the temp really consistent. I tried building a fermentation closet but tore it apart... air is hard to keep at a constant temp. Water works...
  6. Jidas

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    My first 5 gallons of the pale 9959 + 5 = 9964
  7. Jidas

    Quick Lager Question

    This is my first lager and i just transfered to the secondary last night. There was about an inch of sediment settled on the bottom this morning. I dropped the auto siphon on the cake for a second while trying to tip the carboy to get that last drop. For the question... should i transfer off...
  8. Jidas

    Secondary Temperature Too Low?

    If your happy with your FG then cold crashing wont cause any ill effects. It will help drop some yeast and protiens to the bottom helping clarify the beer.
  9. Jidas

    How to get big bottles

    10 64oz Growlers with the flip top.
  10. Jidas

    Cool That Wort!! Cool That Wort!! What Works For You?

    I bought a Blichmann Therminator (plate chiller) last month. It wasn't the most economical choice but I was tired of dealing with the cleanup and clutter of the IC I was using. The water is really cold where I live so I can cool a 10 gal batch from boiling to 70F in about 5 to 10 min (just...
  11. Jidas

    Top off in secondary?

    I swear im not copying you mmb.. you posted while i was typing mine......good response though..;)
  12. Jidas

    Top off in secondary?

    I would leave it be. First you don't want to dilute it. Second you run the risk of contamination (unless you boil it first i guess). The CO2 that is produced, even in the secondary, should be enough to "kick out" the oxygen on the top from when you transfer. If everything is sanitized well, it...
  13. Jidas

    Faucet Sanitation Help

    Thanks for the input. I'm going out tonight to buy a spray bottle.
  14. Jidas

    Faucet Sanitation Help

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on keeping mold out of the inside of a faucet. I try to clean them often but im losing the battle. Is there any hardware out there or maybe a routine you go through after the last beer is poured for the night? Thanks for any input.
  15. Jidas

    Any good locally found brew shops?

    Main Street is the place to go. Above the rest in Tigard isnt for me. I started in Corvallis too and Main Street reminds me of Corvallis Brewing Supply. The guys there are really helpfull and they carry Blichmann equipment which is a plus.