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  1. jrkettle

    Natural gas questions

    So I have two hurricane burners I want to hook up to NG. I have a ball valve in my basement right after the main with nothing on it. The valve is 1/2" attached to a reducing tee in the main. So I ran about 30 ft of 1/2" BIP from the ball valve to the back of my house and attached another ball...
  2. jrkettle

    Good deal on a Foodsaver v2460

    Ordered a Foodsaver v2460 from yesterday. Regular price on it is $189.99. Not sure if it was just yesterday but they gave an automatic 15% off at checkout. My wife had a coupon for 30% off if you use a kohls card to buy it. So I got the foodsaver and a 3pk of bags for $164 after sales...
  3. jrkettle

    Biscuit substitute

    I'm brewing JZ's English IPA from Brewing Classic Styles tomorrow morning and it calls for .5 lb of Biscuit malt which I didn't realize until right now that I am out of. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to use in its place? I have ample amounts of Victory so I was...
  4. jrkettle

    Forgot oats in mash

    I'm brewing a Belgian wit this morning that has a pound of flaked oats in it. Well I forgot to put the oats in the mash. I remembered with about 5 minutes left, so I tossed them into the cooler. I was going to run the mash for another 20 minutes to make up for it. Anyone know how or if this will...