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  1. beerman77

    Need to know best method for adding coffee to my stout

    Not sure how it will turn out. I am bottling today. I just ended up going to store and grinding some espresso roast on their machine. Used the "coarse grind" setting. I've been steeping the bagged grounds in fridge for past 3 days. I haven't heard of the nibs method. I actually use 4...
  2. beerman77

    Need to know best method for adding coffee to my stout

    When you say "French Pressed", does that refer to a grinding method? I'm taking it you mean ground beans in a hop bag, then steeping that in cold water. Sounds about right. Thanks for the input. Oh, and that maple and bacon thing you have going in your sig sounds REALLY interesting!
  3. beerman77

    Need to know best method for adding coffee to my stout

    So I have brewed an awesome chocolate stout recipe and am now looking to add espresso flavor on my second batch. I was advised to do this either in secondary or at bottling. I have opted for bottling so I can adjust on the fly, but now I am wondering how best to go about this. Some have...
  4. beerman77

    NO hot break??

    OK well that makes me feel a little better. Just got worried since its a first for me. Ah the paranoia of brewing beer... :)
  5. beerman77

    NO hot break??

    OK Im not a total noob but still fairly "green". (Only been doing this about 2 years) Did an all grain recipe a few weeks back... everything went smoothly, good yield off my mash and then I set it to boil. I waited for the hot break, spray bottle filled with cold water in hand to control the...
  6. beerman77

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    OK so I have searched thru SOME of the hundreds of pages here but looking for a faster answer. Looking to try a batch using 1 lb. brown sugar and 1 lb. corn sugar, and use Nottingham ale yeast. Or maybe scratch the brown sugar and just roll with the ale yeast. Anyone have any success with this...
  7. beerman77

    Contaminated? Or not?

    So I made an Oktoberfest. I used a vial of specialty yeast but forgot to take it out of fridge for a few hours before pitching. To make matters worse, I put the fermenter in the garage which is now too cold to ferment an ale. NO activity first 48+ hours. Then the little light bulb came on...
  8. beerman77

    Oster Kegerator

    I bought the Oster as well. Right now its serving as a place to stash my beer so it does not cram up the normal fridge. Less complaining from the girlfriend. Looking to do a conversion soon. I am liking the fact that there are apparently no freon lines running through the top of the unit...
  9. beerman77

    Steep or mash??

    Awesome... thanks DeathBrewer. Good stuff. I lack the large grain bag (I have two standard size bags) or a floating thermometer. I do have a clip on thermometer and the one that came with my turkey fryer that I use for brewing/boiling outdoors. I guess I can try splitting the approx. 2 lbs. of...
  10. beerman77

    Steep or mash??

    Cool... this is all helpful. Only problem is I have specialty grains mixed in already with the munich and vienna... namely Caramuhich, honey gambrinus, and Crystal Malt 40L. All have been crushed. Would mashing these grains all together have any negative impact? If not, I'll mash away then...
  11. beerman77

    Steep or mash??

    Confused as usual. I want to try my hand at making an Octoberfest so I got some Munich and Vienna malt (among others) planning to steep the grain. Using 0.5 lb and 0.25 lb respectively. I am new to all this and remember reading somewhere that munich and vienna malts have to be mashed and...
  12. beerman77

    Feeling dumb... can't figure out auto siphon

    This is embarrassing to say the least. I finally decided to break the bank and get an auto siphon so I can quit filling the tubing and racking cane with water to create a suction. So I get this thing (Fermtech) and follow the instruction practicing of a gallon jug of water. CANNOT FIGURE IT...
  13. beerman77

    Need some pointers on conversion kits

    NateKerx- Nice! Thanks. Pretty much exactly the kind of info I was seeking. Good lookin out.
  14. beerman77

    Need some pointers on conversion kits

    Really? When do you plan on converting? I think it will be a little bit for me. Gotta get the funds up for the kit. I'm curious if the Oster has a refrigerant line running through the top like the previous Sanyo models did. Most have them on the sides. It would really suck to drill through that...
  15. beerman77

    Heading to San Diego - Brewpub recommendations?

    Well kind of late but I hope you tried The Field downtown! Not really a "brewpub" per say, but they have GENUINE Guiness from the barrel there. Best I ever had.
  16. beerman77

    How long can beer sit in the fermenter?

    Can't hurt to just let it go. Wait a few weeks and crack one open. This is why I keep a few 1 liter PET plastic bottles around so I can do the "squeeze test"... basically I'll bottle my beer in the swingtops and fill one 1 liter plastic bottle so I can kind of monitor the speed and level of...
  17. beerman77

    Need some pointers on conversion kits

    OK thanks! I think I have decided on a kit. Just one more thing I am confused about. Where do you get the metal stuff that goes around the top rear and side edges? Its like a metal bar or grid.. mostly cosmetic I suspect but I think it looks cool. Cannot figure out where to get the stuff.
  18. beerman77

    Need some pointers on conversion kits

    OK, so this is my second post. Not sure if this is the place to ask about this but here goes. I have looked at some of the photos of your guys' kegerators and many of them are impressive. I just bought an Oster 5.0 cubic inch mini fridge... no icebox. (Figured that was common sense) Gonna use...
  19. beerman77

    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Mr Beer is where I got my feet wet. Without it, I'm not sure I'd be posting here at all. A lot of people like to rip on Mr Beer. Yeah its simplified down to where an 11 year old could do it, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. I find it is not nearly as enjoyable to brew with Mr Beer as it is...