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  1. Rad-Rabbit

    Pennsylvania FS: New Grizzly 400, 100 gallon cooler

    I have a brand new Grizzly 400, 100 gallon cooler I bought last month. I was going to use it as a mash tun for small commercial brewery but went in a different direction. It is sitting in my garage, unmodified, never used. You can mash 254.77 lbs of grain at 1.25qt/lb, this will allow you to...
  2. Rad-Rabbit

    3bbl Electric Control Panel, power concerns.

    Hi All, I'm interested in constructing a control panel capable of 93gal-108.5gal (3bbl-3.5bbls). It needs to function on single phase 240v and be capable of running at least 4 (5500w-6000w) elements at a time. I would prefer to be able to run all 8 for back to back batches but even 3+3 would...
  3. Rad-Rabbit

    Pennsylvania 2 New Domed Lid s Carlisle (608424C) - Stainless Steel

    SOLD (Non Barreled sides). Specifications Metal Thickness 18 Gauge Metal Type Stainless Steel
  4. Rad-Rabbit

    Pennsylvania FS: 12" False Bottom

    FREE TO: captwalt Congratulations! I have one 12" false Bottom FREE to the fist PM that is not M*****6 or from West Virginia. You will need to create your own USPS flat rate Large box shipping label (from my address to yours) and email it to me. No money will change hands. I am simply spiting...
  5. Rad-Rabbit

    Milwaukee Mw101 ph meter BNIB w/ all solutions

    SOLD<>SOLD Additional Included Solutions: Buffer pH 7.01 230mL, Buffer pH4.01 230mL, Cleaning Solution 230mL, and Storage solution 230Ml. Each solution costs $12-$15 and will be included free. Milwaukee MW101 0 to 14 Range, High Accuracy pH Meter with 2 point Manual Calibration Low cost...
  6. Rad-Rabbit

    ECY YEAST, Bug Farm, Brett Blend #1, Mild, Kolsch & Newark

    I have the following as seen in the picture. I'm selling them because I'd rather not use a yeast that I can't get all year long. No Dibs, it's first come (With Paypal) first served. YOU MUST MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS AND WHAT YOU WANT, I WILL SEND YOU A PAYPAL INVOICE IN THE ORDER OF...
  7. Rad-Rabbit

    FrakenBrew with Tom Hennessy DVD

    I bought it, watched it, now selling it. $20 Shipped USPS flat rate, so you must live in the USA. FrakenBrew with Tom Hennessy DVD
  8. Rad-Rabbit

    Lots of Hops, Simcoe, Tomahawk, Cascade,EKG, Saaz

    EVERYTHING HAS SOLD! First off, I am not a store or vender! I bought a bunch of hops because I was planning on brewing a lot. Then I broke my knee 12/10 and had surgery and a loooong recovery. Needless to say I have a bunch of 09 hops that have been in my freezer in vacuum sealer bags. So...
  9. Rad-Rabbit

    Anyone using AUBER SYL-1512A and Honeywell Y8610U together?

    I plan on using the AUBER SYL-1512A and Honeywell Y8610U to control my MLT and already own this equipment. Is anyone out there using this setup? If so how did you configure it and did you need to use a separate SSR? Thank you in advance!
  10. Rad-Rabbit

    5 gal carboy's for sale Pa 19018

    I have two 5 gallon carboys for sale. Price drop $40 for the pair! I might be interested in trades depending on what they are. They have only been used for fermenting beer and are clean and ready to be sanitized. One of them seen here on the top. Handles not included.
  11. Rad-Rabbit

    I'm looking for a detailed book on decoction mashing.

    I'm Looking for a detailed book on decoction mashing. Please list the book name and author. Thank you
  12. Rad-Rabbit

    Magic Chef Wine Cooler

    Hello Friends, I'm selling a Magic Chef Wine cooler #MCWC16MCG just like the one below. Ours is about 3 years old & holds 10 bottles. The reason it does not hole 16 is because the removable lower 6 bottle wire rack was removed and misplaced. Price Drop $90. There will be no additional handling...
  13. Rad-Rabbit

    "Apple Vinegar" & peroxide to de-lead Brass?

    Can I use "Apple Vinegar" & peroxide to de-lead Brass? According to John Plamer, you should use white vinegar but all I have is Apple Vinegar. Will this work in the same ratio or not at all? How to Brew Appendix B - Brewing Metallurgy Cleaning Brass Some brewers use brass fittings in...
  14. Rad-Rabbit

    Ranco is at 30 beer is at 42 and still foaming.

    How do I get the Ranco to accurately regulate the temp of the beer. Right now the beer has been in the freezer for 4 Days. The Ranco is set at 32 with a 2 degree dif. The beer however is 42 degrees and foaming like crazy. Will 42 degrees make the beer foam and if so how do I get the Ranco to...
  15. Rad-Rabbit

    The Rad-Keezer build, Hotness included

    Well let me start of by saying thanks to a few people. First to my almost brother in-law Josh for letting me borrow his table saw. Also my other almost brother in-law Dave for letting me borrow his air compressor and nail guns. Lastly to one of my best friends Dave for letting me borrow his...
  16. Rad-Rabbit

    Nothing but Foam, Foam, Foam.. Please Help!

    I just kegged my brew for the first time and I'm pouring nothing but foam. I"m going to explain my setup as completely as I can so You all can help me find the reason for the foam. I have a #5 Co2 Tank going to a two gauge regulator. From a 1/4' barb it then goes to a 18" long (3/8" OD-1/4 ID)...
  17. Rad-Rabbit

    Indoor safe Half Barrel Brew systems, lets see what you've got!

    I looking into building a half barrel brewing system. I love the idea of a Brutus type system (for outdoors/garage) but was thinking about something like the Brew Tree all electric system to keep things indoor safe. Lets see what has been built that is indoor safe with a half barrel capacity...
  18. Rad-Rabbit

    I'm looking for a Great divide "St. Bridget’s Porter" Clone

    I'm Looking for a Great divide "St. Bridget’s Porter" Clone recipe. It's one of the best porters that I have had in any recent memory. If you come across this at you local 6 pack shop try one, there great.. BTW- Thanks in advance :) From the site: Accolades and other buzz on St...
  19. Rad-Rabbit

    Woohoo! Just Bottled my first Batch

    Woohoo! Just Bottled my first Batch. :fro: I ended up with (48) 12oz bottles & a half glass to test. The taste was good but a touch sweet, I'm sure it was caused by the priming sugar. Its similar to a Hobgoblin and should conditions nicely in the bottles. I would have had a little more to...