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  1. Flash

    Founders Oatmeal Chocolate/coffee stout..

    I'm pretty stoked to give this a whirl on my brewday Wednesday. I've only had past flavor success with using nibs only in secondary, so for flameout I'll add unsweetened and semi-sweet baker's chocolate and hold off on nibs until secondary again. I cold pressed the coffee for flameout, and...
  2. Flash

    Final gallon does not transfer over with my pump

    I brew outside on a propane burner with a 32-qt (8 gallon) brewpot with a ball valve and I use a PolarWare false bottom. I use a Therminator to cool the wort. In transferring from kettle through Therminator to the fermenter I use a magnetic impeller pump. My problem is that the final gallon...
  3. Flash

    Therminator ??

    I have a Therminator and got some Quick Connect garden hose fittings at the hardware store.
  4. Flash

    How serious are you?

    A wise old man once told me, "I love *****, but I don't want to be a gynecologist." This applies to homebrewing. Strictly a hobby.
  5. Flash

    Belgian Beer Fest!

    There's a pizza place immediately across the street from the Cyclorama entrance. I forget its name, but it was gooooood. And a lot of loud boisterous Italian bandied about.
  6. Flash

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Jumped on the bandwagon: 5 gallons resting in a carboy just today. 7768 + 5 = 7773
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  17. Flash

    Oktoberfest 2008

    This will be our first adventure to Oktoberfest next month. We're doing 4 days in Belgium and then 6 in Germany. We also do not have tent reservations, but we plan on going during the day when it's not so crowded with too many drunkards (but just enough). Reservations are basically required...
  18. Flash

    Pets and when its time.

    We have two Lhasa Apso's, 14 and 11, and we see with every passing month the 14-year-old getting older. And older and older.... Be strong. You were a good companion and your dog knew it. I dread the upcoming day I am in your shoes. I tilt back my homebrew tonight for Man's Best Friend.