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  1. jcwalsh

    Extended absence - Obstacles to Brewing

    Hello All, I have been brewing for many years and started a full electric (Kal clone) build over two years ago. The project was initiated just before we found out my wife was pregnant with twin girls. (just in case anyone wanted to know a set of twins will go through more than 5000 diapers...
  2. jcwalsh

    Another Electric Build - Morgan Dollar Brewery

    Hello All, I have been putting parts together for the last 6 weeks and started cutting holes in my control panel yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to paint it today and get everything installed. This is a Kal clone and it would not have been possible without his detailed instructions and...
  3. jcwalsh

    Sanke Cut Off Guide

    I read some other posts about a PVC guide to help get a perfect cut on a Sanke keg and just got lazy. I had some 2 1/2 inch PVC left over from a Tennis Ball (Potato) Gun which was a perfect fit on the stem. I pushed the saw guide against the rim of the Keg and two 360 turns left a perfect cut.
  4. jcwalsh

    $1,000 to spend. What to buy

    OK, I just got an unexpected check for $1,000 and want to upgrade my home brewery. I have been brewing for several years and boil in a 15gal stainless, 1st in plastic, 2nd in glass then corny keg. I have a full size fridge in the garage and a True with towers so refrigeration is not an issue...
  5. jcwalsh

    I want a conical fermenter, but boil in garage and ferment in basement. Any suggesti

    Hello all, I just came into some unexpected cash and want to buy myself a present, a Blichman 14gal Conical. The biggest issue is that I normally boil in the garage and ferment in the basement (steady temp). Wife does not allow me to boil indoors so that is out of the question. Does...
  6. jcwalsh

    I am so Happy

    After a few years of bottling I purchased a guys entire setup including his cornys & CO2. I did my first keg last month and tapped it last night with a few friends. There were a bunch of firsts for this batch, first time with a banjo burner (past was electric stove which would barely boil)...