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  1. waterse

    Data recovery companies

    Well, with hard drives failure is not a question but a given. They must fail eventually, it's only a matter of when. Backups are critical.
  2. waterse

    Damnit! I quit!

    I quit cold turkey. Tried several times before but managed to make it stick this time. Not one in 22 months. I ran out of cigarettes on new years day in 2007 and just decided if I didn't buy any cigarettes I couldn't smoke. The psychology worked.
  3. waterse

    Help with brewery name

    How about Morgan Crest Brewery? Then you can use your family's crest as the label.
  4. waterse

    How bout them APPLES!

    I'd have to agree, I wouldn't neccessarily add any fruit at secondary. What you might do is taste it when the primary fermention is done. If it's drier then you would like you could halt the fermentaion with potassium sorbate and back sweeten with more apple juice to get the sweetness you want...
  5. waterse

    FG too high

    Could be mash temps too high creating a lot of unfermentables. Also, I am a begginer myself so maybe someone else could chime in but that seems to be a bit light on the 2 row for enzyme action in a partial mash.
  6. waterse

    A question about yeast pitching

    Thanks, time to brew another one.
  7. waterse

    A question about yeast pitching

    Sorry, yes, one 0 to few. As an example I brewed a pale ale that beersmith showed an expected value of 1.014 and I ended up with 1.020 on that one. 006 too high. The last few I have done have been partial mash so I was not steeping. And my PM version of BM's Octoberfast ale came out .003 high...
  8. waterse

    A question about yeast pitching

    I am about to brew my 8th beer. So far my efforts have improved with each beer and I am thankfully making beer that me and my friends and family enjoy drinking. One issue I have had is that while I have been consistantly successful hitting my expected OG, my FG has been high with every batch...
  9. waterse

    Barleywine tastes like rubbing alcohol - can it be infected but look fine?

    I have had a similar thing happen. Two of my beers tasted great going in secondary and not so great at bottleing time. They both turned out fine. With that much alcohol there is not much of a chance of infection.
  10. waterse

    Label design

    Nice job, very catchy.
  11. waterse

    Recipe for Cream Stout

    Getting ready to try a cream stout with the following recipe: Partial mash 1.5lbs 2-row 1 lb Crystal 120 .5 lb chocolate malt .5 lb flaked oats .25 lbs cara-pils .25 lb roasted barley Extract 4 lb extra light LME 1 lb extra light DME 1 oz EKG (60) 1 oz Willamette (60) 1 oz...
  12. waterse

    Damn! It's good now!

    You could add some potassium sorbate to half the batch to halt the fermentation then bottle or rack to secondary to clear if you want to then bottle. As for bottling as is and hoping for the correct carbonation, you could but it would be hard to know exactly where it's going to stop. Could be...
  13. waterse

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    Just bottled this one. Getting anxious. Tastes great for a green beer.
  14. waterse

    What was your first recipe and have you reprised it?

    Mine was a Brewers Best Belgian Wit kit. came out ok. Redid the recipe using the kit's ingredient list as a starting point and converted it to a partial mash. Came out much better the second time arround. Enjoying it right now.
  15. waterse

    Budweiser American Ale?

    I'm on the transplant list waiting for a donor now.
  16. waterse

    Budweiser American Ale?

    Well, actually, It's from AB, it's called bud and it uses ale yeast, so yes it is Budweiser with ale yeast. But thank you for pointing out my defective taste buds, I shall rush right out and have them examined.
  17. waterse

    Budweiser American Ale?

    Well, I tried it. Can't say I'm dissapointed cause I wasn't expecting much. Tastes like they took Budwieser and fermented it with ale yeast. Very bland. This beer disturbs me, I would rather Bud had left it alone. Now I can see the BMC crowd trying this and saying "See! You beer snobs don't...
  18. waterse

    Need help with a recipe

    Throw an ounce of fuggle in there as well and you'd have a great ESB. I did it this way just to get a light earthy hop note and no sharp hops flavor. If you like hoppy beer you'd need to jack up the hop schedule.
  19. waterse

    Need help with a recipe

    just sampled my first bottle of this and it's my new favorite beer. My first partial mash is a success, thanks for the input. It needs another week or 2 in the bottle but at 11 days it tastes awesome. This is the recipe I wound up with: 2lbs MO 2 row 1 lb veinna .5 lb munich .5 lbs...
  20. waterse

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    Getting closer. Racked my partial mash batch to secondary last night. The hydro samle was rich and malty, tastes like this is gonna be a winner. I'll have to call mine Novemberfest though, don't think it's gonna be ready before October is over.