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  1. chachi

    Two-Step (read some now, some later) all grain brewing

    So, between the 9 month old and work, I can't seem to find much time to brew these days. I did manage to brew up a bohemian style lager (which I kegged tonight) and it got me motivated to try and figure out some sort of method to brew during the week. I work close to home, so I could...
  2. chachi

    Day 1 Mash - Day 2 Boil?

    I am confident this has been asked/discussed before. I have some grains that I prepared for mashing two days ago and I was planning on mashing them tonight after work, then doing the boil tomorrow after work. I figured since I am boiling everything tomorrow, there should be no problem. Anyone...
  3. chachi

    Anyone Brew This Chimay Blue?

    Anyone brewed this Chimay Blue recipe before? I just brewed it yesterday and was curious if anyone here has made it in the past.
  4. chachi

    Hops and Grain Bags

    Does anyone use grain bags to boil their pellet hops in? I have been doing it for a while, but an owner of a different HBS just told me "nobody boils hops in grain bags." He claimed that utilization will be off by 50% or something...I just have a hard time believing that is the case. Anyone?
  5. chachi

    Two Words - Propane Burner!!

    Ok, so I was at the LHBS yesterday picking up some ingredients for an IPA...and there it was. A shiny, stainless propane burner on sale. At $72, I knew I could get a better deal at Target or something on a burner, but with gas @ ~ $5 here in California for premium I figured it was going to cost...
  6. chachi

    1 Quart Extra When Kegging

    Is there something out there for the kegging types that would give me the ability to carbonate a quart to a gallon without having to do sugar/extract priming in a bottle. I don't even own a bottling setup anymore and it would be great to have a one gallon corny or something.
  7. chachi

    Extract Wheat Beer Recommendation? Re-use WLP300

    I have a German Hefeweizen fermenting right now using White Labs WLP300 yeast and I was hoping to get some all grain/mini-mash recommendations from you guys as I was thinking I should just re-use the yeast pancake when I take it out of the primary. I mean, why wait to finish my Hefeweizen before...