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  1. abeeraday

    Bayou Double Propane Burner

    The site says this setup can handle two 60 qt pots. Anyone try one of these yet? Double Propane Burners, Specialty Double Propane Burner Thanks
  2. abeeraday

    How long in the fridge before serving to friends?

    I have a batch of American wheat beer that just finished it's third week in the bottle. It's not chilled yet though, so if I put it in the fridge for a few hours to chill, would it be ok to serve up tonight? Or is it best to let a new batch sit in the fridge for a week before serving? It...
  3. abeeraday

    HELP! Great lil Brew Pub in Danger of Shutting Down

    Water Street Brewing and Ale House in beautiful Port Townsend, WA., has been hit hard by the economy and local factors. This place opened in 2004 and the owners are great people, they helped out my wife and me when we were just starting off on our own and now I'm trying to help them out. They're...
  4. abeeraday

    Your Best Beercation?

    Just got back from a great beercation. You know, a vacation where you get to tour a bunch of breweries and sample some damn-good beer. Visited north county San Diego and checked out Pizza Port, Green Flash, Port Brewing/Lost Abbey and Stone Brewing Co all in one weekend. Wow. What a great...
  5. abeeraday

    Need a formula

    For the engineers and those good with numbers, here's a question: If I leave 5.5 gallons of beer in a fermenter in an area at 80*f, how long will it take to raise the temp of the beer from 64* to mid-70s? I have a stout that has been in primary for 2.5 weeks and is stopped at 1.021. The...
  6. abeeraday

    Live blogging today's brew session

    I'm playing around with social media right now and I though it might be fun to blog while I brew a batch of Biermunchers Helles Belles Munich Helles. You can follow along at Go ahead and post comments as I go along, I'd appreciate any feed back, questions, cheers, and...
  7. abeeraday

    Ideas for Windsor yeast cake?

    I just brewed a kit beer I received for my birthday and am planning my next recipe. I used the Windsor yeast packet that came with the kit and I'm wondering what might be the best way to use the yeast cake. The kit was called Show Low Pale Ale and used Perle and Cascade hops. I've brewed...