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  1. DevilDog2000

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner Review

    I have a couple of questions: How precise / smooth is the flame adjustment? I have problems getting the flame adjusted to the level I want on my Bayou due to the cheap(?) valve for adjusting the gas flow. Does this have a "sparker" starter? It's a PITA for me to get down on the floor and use a...
  2. DevilDog2000

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I am SO replying. :rockin: Good stuff!!!
  3. DevilDog2000

    Which hop for grapefruit

    Citra! It's a fairly new hop but seems readily available. It has a bit of a floral aroma, but its main taste note is grapefruit. I do an all citra IPA that even non-IPA drinkers like. :mug:
  4. DevilDog2000

    Recycling Bottles?

    Back in the day of returnable bottles, I could buy cases of empties from my local beer store for the price of the deposit: $2.00 per case!!! Since those bottles were meant to be reused by the brewery, they were sturdy -- a bit thicker than current bottles. I still have many of those bottles that...
  5. DevilDog2000

    Brewing in Basement

    I brew in the garage now that I have stepped up to an 8 gal. pot with a propane burner. In cool, blustery weather, I have opened the overhead door about a foot. This opens it a bit at the top also as the top panel starts to travel on the tracks. My thinking is that convection (hot air rising and...
  6. DevilDog2000

    What is it??? Ale? Lager? ???

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. :)
  7. DevilDog2000

    What is it??? Ale? Lager? ???

    I think the answer to your question is: You can't tell from the video. As others have noted, the difference is the strain of yeast AND the fermentation temperature / process. The activity in the carboy tells you nothing except that it is, well, active. Also, lagering is as much a process as it...
  8. DevilDog2000

    First pour from my first batch

    You need to convince her that bigger batches are better. More beer! You might try hiding a few bottles (3 or 4) then bring it out after another month. The improvement can be remarkable. If she realizes how much better the beer can be with more conditioning time she may become a bit more patient. :)
  9. DevilDog2000

    Hop residue stuck in funnel? What to do.

    I have used three different methods for transferring from brew pot to fermenter: 1) Pour through a funnel with a filter. PITA because the filter clogs. Even without the filter, the funnel can clog. 2) Whirlpool and siphon leaving behind the majority of the trub (mostly hops) along with a small...
  10. DevilDog2000

    How long do you take to brew a batch?

    Guess I'll have to time it next time. I always set aside the day (don't plan any other major activities) and just enjoy the process. So, I've never really considered how long it takes me.
  11. DevilDog2000

    Time in the primary and the following steps..

    How soon you rack from primary to secondary is up to you. I wait at least 4 days and usually at most 7 days to be sure most of the heavy fermentation is done. By that time I'm usually down under 1.020 and quite possibly very close to my expected final gravity. The main thing here is that I want...
  12. DevilDog2000

    Time in the primary and the following steps..

    I leave mine in the primary (I use a bucket) for 4 to 7 days. Then it goes into a carboy for awhile. It generally sits in the secondary for at least a couple weeks. I do this for a couple reasons: I have more carboys than primary buckets, so I can have more beer in the "pipeline"; and, I think...
  13. DevilDog2000

    Removing labels.. baking soda!

    I use a solution of 1 oz. Clorox and 1 oz. white vinegar in 5 gal cool water after cleaning / soaking anything (carboys, bottles, fermenting pails) with Oxyclean. The Oxy tends to leave a deposit like you mention and the weak acid gets rid of it nicely. If you mix some of this up, be sure you do...
  14. DevilDog2000

    Secondary questions

    I'm not sure what "sani cycle" is on a dishwasher, but I think for good sensitization, you need to use a sanitizer like StarSan or Idopor (sp?). I sanitize my bottles just before bottling, put a very clean towel over the top of the case, and then turn the case upside down to drain them while I...
  15. DevilDog2000

    Secondary questions

    It's not how it looks or how long, but how it measures. Have you checked the specific gravity? You need to check it then wait at least two days and check it again. If the gravity does not change between the two readings and it is about where you expect the final gravity to be, it is ready to bottle.
  16. DevilDog2000

    How does everyone clean blowoff hose?

    Here is the beast laying on my table. The black caps on the ends just keep it closed up when not in use and the gray stuff is a foam protective sleeve like you use on pipes to keep them from sweating. The other picture is an example of how it is used. I know, I know, I need to fill that carboy...
  17. DevilDog2000

    re-used yeast for the first time

    I've done this many, many times. I usually make a starter with some of the harvested yeast as that insures (in my mind) that I have viable, active yeast for the new batch of beer. For long term (more than a couple months?) storage there are some who say you should wash the yeast. I have never...
  18. DevilDog2000

    How does everyone clean blowoff hose?

    Don't they make glass blow off tubes anymore? I have one that I bought years (and years) ago. It is shaped like a 'J' with a flat bottom. The short end is fitted with a cork that either goes in the carboy or fits in an airlock without the float and cap. the size is such that I can immerse the...
  19. DevilDog2000

    Why Erlenmeyer Flasks for Starters?

    I used mason jars before I got my flask. The problem I had is that I use a stir plate and the bottom of the mason jar is not flat. That caused problems keeping the stir rod stirring. I then used a wine decanter (shaped much like a flask) which has a flat bottom. However, it holds less than 1...
  20. DevilDog2000

    Mail order yeast in summer = bad idea?

    I just fed the fishes with a Stella Artois clone kit that came from a location in the South. It came with White Labs yeast in a cold pack. Brewed it 3 days ago. Pitched the yeast directly at about 76°. After 24 hrs.: No activity. Stirred vigorously with my paddle. Yesterday: Still no activity...