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  1. billy915

    Gas mileage

    So if a lighter vehicle gets better gas mileage, should I never fill up my gas tank all the way to full? Just wondering
  2. billy915

    How to clean ipad cover?

    I have this Smart Cover for my ipad mini and its starting to get dirty. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to safely clean it?
  3. billy915

    Austin, tx bound

    I'll be in Austin tomorrow and Saturday, part of Sunday. Any reccomendations on where to go as far as bars/restaurants/breweries? :ban::mug::rockin:
  4. billy915

    House circuit breaker

    Quick question. Do circuit breakers need maintenance? I'm asking because some but not all of my wall sockets in my kitchen don't work anymore. Any advice?
  5. billy915

    Fivefingers shoes

    Made this earlier because I had nothing else to do. Those five finger shoes always reminded me of Al Bundy's creation.
  6. billy915

    Happy birthday beer can! Saw this on flipboard and thought I'd share. Cheers!
  7. billy915

    buttered popcorn flavoring By Daniel J. DeNoon WebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD Aug. 8, 2012 -- The flavorant that adds buttery taste to foods and a smooth feel to beverages may also trigger Alzheimer's...
  8. billy915

    Dry Hopping question

    I recently bottled 6 gallons of a pale ale. dry hopped it with 2 oz of cascade. I have another 6 gallons ready to be dry hopped with cascade also. They are basically the same recipe just different crystal malt. Any problems with me just racking to the same secondary with the 2 oz of used cascade...
  9. billy915

    Mashing bubbles?

    When mashing, where do these bubbles come from? I'm just curious. Are they bubbles caught in between the grains after you stir them into the strike water, finally finding their way to the surface?
  10. billy915

    Barley crusher

    After waiting three long weeks my barley crusher finally arrived. Time to start brewing. One question though, it says to lubricate with vegetable oil, but where?
  11. billy915

    Computer died...

    My desktop computer has finally given up on me after 11 years, I had beersmith on it, does that mean I have to pay for it again once I get my new laptop? Or is there any other solution?
  12. billy915

    Self convert??

    "Vienna malt or Helles malt is the characteristic grain of Vienna lager and Märzen; although it generally takes up only ten to fifteen percent of the grain bill in a beer, it can be used as a base malt. It has sufficient enzymatic power to self-convert, and it is somewhat darker and kilned at a...
  13. billy915

    Built immersion chiller, now what?

    Finnally got around to building this thing. Is there anything I need to do to it before its maiden voyage?
  14. billy915

    My AG setup...

    just wanted to show off my awesome equipment. I just kind of threw it together and have made 6 AG batches with no problems at all. Hopefully this will answer some of the newbie questions about an all grain setup. Getting the ingredients together to make an IPA my BIAB grain holder...
  15. billy915

    ? about vinyl tubing

    I'm at the hardware store right now and was wondering which tubing I should get. The clear vinyl one says it handles chemicals, gases, and liquids; but do not use with ice makers The other is polyethylene tubing that says resistant to most acids and akalis; good for ice makers or water lines...
  16. billy915

    Bad news for us?

    Just read this online, and thought I would share it with HBT. Does this mean we should buy all of our grains now while its cheap?
  17. billy915

    have an android phone???

    If you have an android phone and like texas hold'em, check out Red Poker Club in the android market. Its free and you get to play against other players in real time. :ban: Of course its just for fun and there's no real money exchanges, but its a great time killer. All you need to do is create...
  18. billy915

    SMaSH recipes?

    Why is there no SMaSH catagory on the recipe data base? I know they're basic beers but I would like to read peoples reviews. Just a thought