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  1. Zeno


    I ran into issues and need the groups advice... I had some initial temperature control issues in my first brew on Saturday. It seemed to sort itself out and I was able to complete the brew day. I started another brew Sunday and was able to get the wort to mash at 152 degrees. After the mash, it...
  2. Zeno


    Thanks. Where is the reset button? Are you talking about the circuit breaker button? Thanks again
  3. Zeno


    I started my Anvil up today and noticed that my Act temp was at 212 when I plugged it in and wouldn’t let me get to mash temp. It jumped all around between 150 and finally settled in 212. Meanwhile it wasn’t warming my water to the 158 I needed for mash. The water was maybe 80 and never got...
  4. Zeno


    I ordered the 10.5 and Stainless Fermenter on 7/2 direct from Anvil. Just arrived yesterday. I didn't have to wait to long. I put it together in about 20 minutes. All good. Next up is a quick leak test and hopefully off and running with a Sculpin Clone this weekend.
  5. Zeno

    Anvil foundry vs Robobrew?

    I just ordered the Foundry on 7/2 and it shipped 7/8. Due to arrive 7/14. Foundry seemed like the absolute best bang for the buck... as long as you are okay to cap at a 17lb grain bill and okay with 120v heat up time.
  6. Zeno


    I'm gettin' back in the game. I sold my old Brutus 10 wannabe clone a few years ago. I just started getting the itch to brew again after about 4 years. Man things have changed. I pulled the trigger on the Anvil 10.5 w/ pump and their SS fermenter. I can't wait to get back in it.
  7. Zeno

    Turn-Key Home Brew Sculpture - 10 Gal More Beer Tippy Dump

    Hello, any chance this is still for sale?
  8. Zeno

    Hefeweizen fermentation

    With the Hefe I brew, that sucker is fermentin' like crazy in under 24hrs. I do 1 week in primary, 1 week in keg.
  9. Zeno

    Starter Kit Question

    You know... I find that the beer in the 22 oz tastes better to me then in the 12 oz. Anyone else experience this? Likewise, the 1 litter bottles taste better then the 22s. The smaller bottles seem to have more "bite" to them. Not as smooth. Is this user error?
  10. Zeno

    too warm? should I worry?

    You will be fine.
  11. Zeno

    Dry Hopping

    I just tossed my hops in the secondary. The hops settled and the beer looked very clean when racked to the bottling bucket. No need for a bag. :mug:
  12. Zeno

    fermenting in the bottleing bucket.

    That was the rational I got from my homebrew shop owner.
  13. Zeno

    My first brew. Expectations vs. results.

    Ditto. I consider myself a beer snob as well. I kept hearing all these people that made "awesome" beer from their Mr. Beer kit and figured I would do one better and get myself a beginner rig at the LHBS. My expectations were so high that my 1st born beer was doomed to never live up to my...
  14. Zeno

    Which commercial pumpkin beers actually contain pumpkin?

    I fell in love with Pumpkin Ales a few year ago. I was in the infancy of my beer obsession and still developing my pallet. What got me started on Pumpkins was the Buffalo Bill's. Last year, when I pick up various Pumpkin Ales in the Fall, I realized that they all seemed lacking a bit. I...