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  1. polarbearbrewing

    Help! Hydrometer broke in carboy

    While attempting to remove a hydrometer from a glass carboy today I broke the hydrometer (I know, I should have used a test jar). I immediately racked the wine from the carboy to a plastic bucket to get the wine out of there and assess the damage. What worries me the most is that I don't know...
  2. polarbearbrewing

    Downsizing my chamber. Need Ideas

    So I'm moving into a new apartment in the next few months. Currently I utilize a small chest freezer with a collar and A419 controller. This size freezer allows me to fit two carboys at the same time along with some extra beer storage. The problem: new apartment simply doesn't have the room...
  3. polarbearbrewing

    Reviving Harvested Yeast

    Last season I made my first attempt at yeast harvesting. I didn't want to mess with separating the yeast from trub after fermentation so my process was to make an extra large starter. After the starter did its thing on my stir plate I filled a pint sized mason jar and stashed it in the fridge...
  4. polarbearbrewing

    Looking for a good first lager to brew!

    So I recently decided I needed to gain better control of my fermentation temps than a swamp cooler allowed so I took the plunge and bought a 5cf GE chest freezer and a Johnson A419 digital controller. I built an 8" collar around it today so that I can fit two plastic fermenters with airlocks...
  5. polarbearbrewing

    Looking for a mini fridge for a fermentation chamber

    Hey guys, Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I want to control my ferm temps better than I can with my swamp cooler and would also like to do lagers at some point. Most of the threads I've seen have consisted of building a fermentation chamber around a fridge. However, I live in an...
  6. polarbearbrewing

    MO/Amarillo SMaSH Recipe Critique

    Hey Guys! Wanting to do my first SMaSH recipe soon and have heard great things about the MO and Amarillo combo. Here's a recipe I came up with please let me know what you think as this is the first one I've tried to come up with on my own! This will be using the BIAB method :mug: Boil...
  7. polarbearbrewing

    Seventh Son Brewery in Columbus

    Hey guys as a new cbus resident, I thought I'd pass along word of our newest brewery. Seventh Son just opened at the corner of 4th ave and 4th street and I checked it out last weekend. The space itself is awesome. Great atmosphere and plenty of room for events. The beers are pretty good too! I...
  8. polarbearbrewing

    Doing my first batch tomorrow! Looking for input

    Hey guys! I figured I'd keep it simple for my first BIAB attempt and brew EdWort's Haus PA. Since I have no idea what my efficiency will be (probably low until my technique improves :D) I was wondering if I should bump the base grain up to 9 lbs or double mill or both? Also, just to clarify...
  9. polarbearbrewing

    Best Affordable Session Beers?

    Just looking for some good, relatively low ABV beers to enjoy while manning the BBQ, hanging out by the pool, golfing, etc. As a new college grad, I appreciate session beers that don't break the bank (I prefer to spend my beer $ on the heavy stuff or homebrewing supplies!) Here are my...
  10. polarbearbrewing

    Bavarian doppelbock partial grain recipe?

    Hey guys, It's been awhile since I've posted, but I'm looking for a good recipe for my next batch of beer. I recently enjoyed some augusteiner brau maximator beer and IMHO it's the best beer I've ever tasted. I loved the maltiness that is typical of this style along with the dried...
  11. polarbearbrewing

    Logo I drew up

    [/url][/IMG] hey guys here is the label i drew up in a couple minutes for polar bear brewing let me know what you think
  12. polarbearbrewing

    morning glory beer?

    i have been debating whether i should post this for a while but after seeing the thread about weed beer, i thought that this might not be completely shot without further ado, here is my idea for a beer: so i got this idea awhile back while listening to Oasis' Morning Glory on the...
  13. polarbearbrewing

    LHBS in lima/findlay OH area?

    my friend and i are getting into homebrewing and he has gotten all our supplies from listermanns in cincinatti, but we go to school at Ohio Northern which is between lima and findlay so i was wondering if there are any supplies within driving distance that u guys know about im not necessarily...
  14. polarbearbrewing

    heads up about Honey Moon

    just thought i'd let you guys know that I just had to send back several cases of Blue Moon's summer ale that i could not sell because there was a substantial amount of sediment in the bottles. as homebrewers, i know we dont worry about sediment and you could easily let it settle and pour into a...
  15. polarbearbrewing


    whos had it? i made some from a kit which supposedly had 4 times the "normal" dose of wormwood last year and although i got really drunk, i didnt experience any psychoactive effects anybody had the real thing or any experiences?
  16. polarbearbrewing

    Montrachet yeast question

    So my friend and I are getting into brewing and we're starting a batch of apfelwein this weekend. we live in a house with 12 other guys and there is no central air just window units. ideally, we put the carboys and fermenters in the basement, but the school is sending over an architect for a...
  17. polarbearbrewing

    MLT size (warning: noob)

    So after i get a couple extract batches under my belt, I want to make the switch to all grain as soon as possible. I will convert a cooler into an MLT and i was wondering what the ideal size of cooler is? Also do most of you guys fly or batch sparge? noob question i know, but cut me some...
  18. polarbearbrewing

    homebrewing techniques in organic chemistry??

    well today i was sitting in my pre-lab lecture and in this experiment, we needed to ensure that there was excess sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in the alcohol solution in order to obtain the highest yield of product and the technique we used was to place some of the solution on an iodide/starch...
  19. polarbearbrewing

    Stir plate help

    hey guys....i have zero experience with electronics so the schematics in the diy stir plate thread are greek to me. however i would like to build a stir plate for yeast starters and while browsing ebay i found this...