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  1. Roman Brewer

    Bulk Grain Buy in SE Michigan

    Hey everyone. I am organizing a bulk grain buy in the Metro Detroit area. This will be the 4th grain buy of it's kind that we have done, and they go very smoothly. Grain prices are great and everyone saves money. We had reached a pallet max of 42 bags, but one fella dropped out, and we are...
  2. Roman Brewer

    Testing HG Hop Bitterness

    Hey all, I am about to harvest my second year Centennial plant and I expect more hops than I'll be able to use up by next year's harvest. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on what to do to test the bitterness level of the hops since I won't be sending them to a lab to determine the...
  3. Roman Brewer

    A lesson on using blow offs!!

    So Bjornbrewer and I decided to make this 10g batch of Russian Imperial Stout. He's got a keggle, we both have 10g Rubbermaid Mash tuns. We decide to go ALL GRAIN on this thing by splitting the grain bill down the middle and each make a "5 gallon batch", then collect it all in the keggle...
  4. Roman Brewer

    Bottling Kegged Beer

    I have 5 gallons of Amber Ale that I am kegging today. I have a friend who wants me to send some of this beer to him via UPS. I don't really want to go through the effort of priming 6 bottles of beer to do this. Has anyone ever bottled some keg conditioned beer? I don't see why you...
  5. Roman Brewer

    Filling secondary with water?

    A friend of mine (seriously, he's a friend of mine) recently got some advice that seemed a bit strange to me. He brewed a batch of amber ale and a clerk at a LHBS recommended that if was going rack his beer to his 5 gallon secondary after fermentation had stopped, that he should fill the carboy...
  6. Roman Brewer

    Temp Control Solution Needed

    I am going to be purchasing the Johnson Controls A419 temp controller for my spare refrigerator in my garage. In the summer it will be easy to control the temp because I just have to plug the fridge into it. But in the winter, I want to switch to the heat mode and heat the inside of the...
  7. Roman Brewer

    Possible leaks and what to do?

    Another question, O wise brewers!! I noticed a significant drop in my tanks PSI from about 650 to 500 overnight. I charged the keg and disconnected the tank to see if the pressure comes back up after the tanks warms back up, thinking the cold temp may have caused it. If it turns out that...
  8. Roman Brewer

    How Many Kegs out a 5lb tank?

    I just kegged my first beer tonight and I am wondering how many batches I'll be able to keg before my c02 runs out? Any words of wisdom?