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  1. loosey

    What to do with these hops from Belgium?

    I just got back from a nice trip to beautiful Belgium. I was lucky enough to meet up with a hop farmer in a bar outside the hop museum in Poperinge, and copped some samples from him. I got about 7oz of 9% Target and 3.5oz of 4.5% Styrian Goldings from him (for 5 euro!). I've never brewed any...
  2. loosey

    Gravity Question - What did I do?

    hey everyone. this was my fist entirely at home brew, the recipe is listed below here. everything went relatively smoothly and i think the beer will turn out just fine. i have one question about the gravity however.. BS estimated 1.048 for my final but i measured it at 1.040 at 80F. even...
  3. loosey

    First Custom Homebrew Recipe - Any Help Appreciated

    hey everyone... first let me say that while i only recently registered and this is my first post, i genuinely appreciate all the advice and insight i've gotten reading this board over the past few months. i've done quite a few all extract brews at a BOP place near my house (some clones and...