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  1. CircleC-Brewer

    Using Oak Leaf tea for tannins

    Just read a new cider making book that mentioned using Oak Leaf tea as a source of tannins. Has anyone done this before? I did some research on the internet and people actually used to make Oak leaf wine. Finding apples with high levels of tannins has been very difficult. I’m looking for an...
  2. CircleC-Brewer

    I'm back with some new toys

    Well I finally managed to remember my old password. Its been two years since I posted anything. I figure I would show my 15 gallon all electric rig, my new Braumeister, some brewing projects, my 3 gold homebrew medals I recently won, and my chillers. Cheers
  3. CircleC-Brewer

    Where did you get your heating element?

    I should be getting my Rims Tube from Brewer Hardware this week. However, I still need to order my heating element. Any recommendations on where to purchase one? Is there a brand or style I should use? Thanks for the help Circle C Brewer
  4. CircleC-Brewer

    for trade very nice Electrical Enclosure

    For trade (or sale) in excellent condition - an industrial heavy duty Electrical Enclosure ready for installation. Has removable shelf /panels, which you can then mount the electronics onto. It comes with two cooling fans and 6 screw lock clips. I also have 3 Stainless Steel Chemtec flow...
  5. CircleC-Brewer

    Austin neighborhood homebrewers -SW area

    The Circle C neighborhood in Austin, TX is considering adding home brew to their annual B-B-Q event. They are interested in getting neighborhood brewers in Circle C to contribute a keg of home brew for everyone to sample. A seven tap kegerator will be provided with plenty of ice to chill down...
  6. CircleC-Brewer

    Dry hopping question

    I typically let my beer stay on the yeast cake for two weeks before I keg it. This time, I was thinking of giving dry hopping a go. Once the fermentation process stops, I thought about putting 1 OZ of Sterling pellets in a tea ball and letting it soak for 3 to 4 days. Then next saturday (end of...
  7. CircleC-Brewer

    How do you store your grain?

    Trying to determine the best way to store the 300 pounds of brewing grains I just bought. The malt is currently in 55 lb bags, but I would like to store them in something more secure and if possible airtight. I went to lowes today and nothing there seemed to fit the bill. Any recommendation...
  8. CircleC-Brewer

    Gap set for my grain mill

    Just bought my annual bulk bags of malt grains (55Lbs). This will be the first time I will mill Rye malt. I have heard that Rye requires a tighter gap set than barley malt. Does anyone have a list of recommended gap sets for milling different grains? Thanks for the help. :)
  9. CircleC-Brewer

    Buying Hops ... How old is to old?

    I have the opportunity to buy some whole leaf Saaz hops that are about 5 years old. They are going pretty cheap, but I am not sure if they are worth buying. I will only be out a few bucks per pound, but I am more concerned about ruining a batch of beer. How long can hops be stored (properly of...
  10. CircleC-Brewer

    Sulpher smell?

    Well, I think I may have my first infection. I pitched my yeast starter into my 5 gallon batch of stout and 2 days later a sulphur smell started emanating from the bucket. I am assuming the batch is ruined.:mad: The yeast was a California Ale. Is it salvageable?
  11. CircleC-Brewer

    On my way to Fresno

    I will be traveling from LA to Fresno tomorrow. Any microbreweries you would recommend on the way up there? I listed a few that I found on Pubquest. Full Circle Brewing Co. 620 F St. Fresno, CA 93706 (559) 264-6323 Brewbakers Brewing Co. 219 E. Main St. Visalia, CA 93200 (559)...
  12. CircleC-Brewer

    Ticking Time bomb?

    I was about to bottle today after lagering my Chimay clone in my converted chest freezer for two months. To help the carbonation along, I applied some CO2 to the keg for three days. I was then going to let the keg warm up to room temperature and then add another litter of candy sugar solution...
  13. CircleC-Brewer

    Superman Yeast!!!!!!

    I am pretty impressed with this California Ale yeast. After 5 days of fermenting at room temperature (74 Degrees), my "Come and Take it" IPA finished at: OG - 1.074 FG - 1.012 ABV - 6.4%:rockin: Now I'm going to let it mellow out a bit in the keg for a couple of weeks. This might be the yeast...
  14. CircleC-Brewer

    California Ale yeast

    How vigorous is the fermentation using White Labs California Ale yeast? My 1 liter yeast starter did not have the activity I typically see after 24 hours. The culture was good until October. The starter just looks like it is stuck. Unfortunately, I need to pitch it into my 5 gallon batch...
  15. CircleC-Brewer

    Bottling a Belgian Abby Ale

    This is my first attempt at a Belgian Abbey Ale. 1. When bottling higher ABV beers, should I add fresh yeast with the primer to insure better beer carbonation? 2. I have read that some brewers use a different yeast for bottle conditioning their beer. Is there a recommended yeast strain to...
  16. CircleC-Brewer

    Culturing yeast from a Chimay bottle

    Looking for some advice on how to culture yeast from a bottle of Chimay. The clone recipe that I am following says that this is the preferred yeast to use. I have read some threads on culturing yeast, but is this more difficult?
  17. CircleC-Brewer

    A 2-row is a 2-row is a 2-row?

    I have a 55 lb bag of malted Pilsner two row barley that I have been using for my base grain in most of my beer recipes. However, for my next batch I would like to brew a Belgium Abbey style beer. Could I substitute the Belgium 2 row malt with my American 2 row malt without changing the flavor...
  18. CircleC-Brewer

    Centrifugal pump head

    Never used SS centrifugal pump head. For you larger brewers. make offer Would trade for 10 lb nitrogen tank and good working regulator.
  19. CircleC-Brewer

    Overhead mixer with controller.

    For you project / tech minded brewers. Overhead mixer with control box. Can mix forward and in reverse. Would be perfect for a mash tun project. Would trade for a used 10 lb oxygen tank with a pressure guage in good working order.
  20. CircleC-Brewer

    1 gallon pressure vessel for sale or trade

    Unusual size, never used 1 gallon 304 ss pressure vessel. It actually holds about 1 gallon and a quart of liquid. Has two female threaded/ plugged openings and two swagelock style fittings. This is a thick walled vessel with a large opening with lid. This retails new for seven hundred dollars...