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  1. BeerGrills

    Fruit wine came out watery

    Hi, I'm making my first fruit wine and followed a recipe I found on line. The wine came out rather watery like I didn't use enough fruit. It is 1 month old at this time. Is there anything I can do to add some mouth feel/body or remove some water from this batch? Gene
  2. BeerGrills

    Converting 60Qt Igloo Cube Cooler to Mash Tun

    I purcahsed a 60Qt Igloo Cube Cooler to use as my mash tun. Previously I had been using my stainless Boil pot which holds heat ok but is not big enough for me to do 10gal batches. This particular cooler is on wheels and the drain port is on the wheel side about 3 inches above the bottom of...
  3. BeerGrills

    Watery Beer

    I am a new all grain brewer. I have now brewed 5 all grain batches. Compared to the extract batches I have done my All-grain batches seem at first taste to be watery. There is some good beer flavor but the mouthfeel and maltiness I would expect is not present. I assume this is a propblem...