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  1. ChrisCorley

    Maibock/ Dead guy question. WHAT DID I JUST BREW?

    So I modified a dead guy recipe: 12 lbs pale 2 row 4 lbs munich 2 lbs carastan perle 1 oz at 60 min perle .5 oz at 30 sterling .5 oz at 15 sterling .5 oz at 5 WLP051 cali v ale yeast Undershot the gravity just a bit so I ended up at 1.062 which should be about 6 or 6.2% Ok so I...
  2. ChrisCorley

    Foam stopper question

    I just made my first starter and for whatever reason the nice clean white foam stopper after being cleaned turned brown. It was fine until i put it in a little bleach and a some oxy clean. I noticed on a Brewing TV episode his foam stopper was way more brown. I was just curious as to how or why...
  3. ChrisCorley

    Brew Day 3/1/12

    Just taking a page from Snafu's book and wanted to show off the new brew stand/new equipment and first successful 5 gallon all grain day! Brewed an modified IPA kit from Austin Homebrew. Big thanks to this thread...
  4. ChrisCorley

    Chugger pumps giving pumps away right now!!!! the guys from chugger are on final gravity podcast giving away pumps tonight. the show is super cool and the more they drink the funnier it gets. bottom line, i won one, they rule, tune in.
  5. ChrisCorley

    Copper Manifold problem/question.

    So I've been serching for an answer to this and couldn't seem to find it. I have only one all grain under my belt and it was a small batch. I just build my manifold yesterday and installed it and noticed that my HD cooler is raised in the center of the bottom. One photo is where water pools at...