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    Craigslist: Graduated 5 Gal Carboy - $30
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    WTB: Magnets for my DIY Stirplate
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    Poly conical previous use concerns

    I don't have the space for them yet.......
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    Poly conical previous use concerns

    15 Gal 35 Gal
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    Building Mill! However...general Milling question...

    Did you try the UPS ground rate instead of priority mail?
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    WTB Tap Handles and Mill

    What part of VA are you in? I might have a lead on a mill...... no shipping though.
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    Little Giant pump choice

    3/4MPT x 1/2barb Back in October. Look for seller trader-drew he had best prices and used to have them about 2 times a week....
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    Little Giant pump choice

    i paid $132 with shipping for two 3-md-hc pumps
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    Little Giant pump choice

    i have the 3-md-hc and love it!!! you can always turn it down but you can't add power. My .02
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    How do you cut your square tubing? Angle Grinder?

    Chopsaw, just go nice and slow or there is the risk of the "blade" flexing and making un- square cut
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    Irrigation Line/ pump

    So I was wondering how this turned out.....
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    Brutus 10 Clone Control Panel Help Please...

    rlhvegas, looks to me that you are using a 12vdc toggle to switch 120vac. Is that the same as this toggle switch ? Looks just like the one I use
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    Sprinkler valve controlling water to rig??

    Yes they are normally AC.
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    Irrigation Line/ pump

    You WILL burn that pump up or blow the lines. You dont want to throttle more than 50% if even that much. The reason magnetic drive pumps don't mechanically fail is that the motor does not get any stress on it due to pressure, the impeller is not attached straight to the shaft. You could run a...
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    Irrigation Line/ pump

    There are alot of variables involved in this. What will be the head height of your drip lines, the GPH rating of your emitters, how many emitters, etc. not only do you need to know the GPH /GPM you need to know the pressure of the pump's output. If possible I would use gravity and a timer that...
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    Little giant pump 3-MD-HC this is where I bought mine 3 months ago... Seems like they are getting a bit more popular.
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    Here's my build!

    No problems and I found somewhere that the material they are made of does not leech up to something like 400 degrees. Many people are using them with no problems.
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    Here's my build!

    I use two of these pumps and they work great!