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    Nottingham not starting up

    took a reading this morning and its down to 1.019. Im pretty pleased but there is a new problem. the beer smells terrible, like sulfur or something dead. there are just a few little specs on top but they are dark brown. I have brewed this recipe before and never had a funky smell. Should i...
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    Nottingham not starting up

    05 went right to work... will take a reading friday night thanks for the comments guys... just hoping that lag time didnt cause some off flavors
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    Nottingham not starting up

    just took a reading it was 1.068 so not much has gone on since I left.
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    Nottingham not starting up

    sorry about the typo but what I was tryign to say is there was no krausen only small floating brown specs.... so no visible signs of fermentation
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    Nottingham not starting up

    Brewed a nice oameal stout friday morning brew went well and was very efficient. the OG was 1.070. Pitched the yeast at 68 degrees and had a homebrew. I went out of town saturday morning and got back in town this morning. Went to check my fermentor and see some krausen and to my suprise there...
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    added gelatin to room temp secondary

    as the title says i added gelatin to a room temp secondary. Been 3 days and havnt seen any difference. I know this method works best on a cold crashed secondary but that isnt possible for me right now. Is this going to work? should i go ahead and transfer to my keg? Is it going to taste like...
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    Cleaning a 1/2 barrel keg

    About 2 months ago I built a kegerator. Sadly 2 weeks later I had to go out of town for work. My brother went to walmart and had the keg filled with coors. I want to get the keg refilled but it has been sitting at room temp for a month. Do I need to clean this before filling it? If so how do I...
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    in primary since october 5th 08

    i have a stout that i brewed on 10/5/08 and i got very busy and i was wondering if this beer is still ok? it is still in the primary looks very clear and temp has been stable.. thanks!!
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    My Oatmeal Stout

    very nice!
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    SMELLY Apfelwein

    As the title says I have a smelly batch of Apfelwein... really smelly... its not a sour smell its like a rotting smell... SWMBO is getting pretty ticked about it.. I sanitized everything with starsan, have vodka in the airlock.... I dont know what it could be... the smelly one is on the right...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    come on.. i know someone has used it before
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    this has prob been answered already in this thread but that is a ton of pages to read.. will red star pasteur champagne yeast be ok for apfelwein?
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    no chill

    tried it with a stout... no dms.... tasted great...
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    What should i use to filter my beer before in transfer it to a keg for the secondary?
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    alright.. well i went to the local store and got some dme... used that instead of the booster...followed the directions on here... it smelled like beer so i guess im on the right path... tucked the fermenter down in a closet temp was 73 degrees.. i will check it in about 2! after reading all...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    hey my girl friend walked into the house today and handed me a mr beer.. so i figured hey lets make some beer... beer in 2 weeks sounds kinda sketchy... im not in a big hurry... i was wondering if someone could toss out a complete list of GOOD directions for the mr beer. it came with WCPA and i...