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  1. ltwhiskers

    Enough of bottling!

    I empathize. I still haven't made the jump to kegging. Just use the 22 ozers instead of the 12. Less bottles that way. :)
  2. ltwhiskers

    What I did for beer today

    Delivered 45 beautiful apricot wheat bottles into this world.
  3. ltwhiskers

    Are you lazy

    I get not feeling it. I typically brew in spurts. Two brews at a time every few weeks. Rest awhile. Enjoy the results. But I always keep coming back to the brew pot. :D
  4. ltwhiskers

    Best Portland Brewpubs

    Well Widmer bros is a classic. Not really a brewpub, but they have plenty of beer, hookah and cheese and meat plates at this place called the Pied Cow. Very Portlandy. I think you'll enjoy it.
  5. ltwhiskers

    If you could have any object turned into a tap handle, what would it be?

    I agree with the sword hilt folks. The more massive and medievally the better.
  6. ltwhiskers

    Watery tasting beer

    I agree with LKAbrewer. Keep it carbing another few weeks. I've experienced initially watery mouthfeel brews, only to enjoy a fuller body after waiting a month or so. Time, I believe, may be a factor here.
  7. ltwhiskers

    Water way up blowoff tube?

    Cool. Makes sense when you explain it that way. Tonight, after gently shaking and adding a few billion yeast cells yesterday, it is happily bubbling away.
  8. ltwhiskers

    Water way up blowoff tube?

    So I brewed my Chimay Blue clone last weekend and when I checked on it a few days later I was surprised to find that water from the blowoff bowl I use was waaaay up in the tube (like 6 inches of water) reaching vertically out of the bowl up the tube leading back to the carboy. Also, no signs of...
  9. ltwhiskers

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    10 for me. 18226
  10. ltwhiskers

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    It's on! Delirium Tremens clone here we come.
  11. ltwhiskers

    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    Perhaps now is the time to stop drinking the home brew...nah...
  12. ltwhiskers

    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    I got a brew in today! However, I still have to run that pesky half-marathon tomorrow. :(.
  13. ltwhiskers

    Today is monumental

    Haha! Guess we can cook with some of the storebought stuff we have lying around. Although that's not going to be replenished. One of my New Year's resolutions was to drink only homebrew at home (i'll buy a beer or whatever when I'm out with friends but not at home). Love when a little time...
  14. ltwhiskers

    My miraculous drunken megabeer creation

    Excited to see how it turns out. I've relegated it to the carb closet for at least a few months as you guys recommended. :D
  15. ltwhiskers

    My miraculous drunken megabeer creation

    So I brewed a Red Hook ESB clone all grain kit last month with some buddies. Typically don't drink more than one or two when I'm brewing but with the fellas...we put some back. Well, I made a miscalculation for the final water addition after getting the wort cooled off. Turns out I didn't add...
  16. ltwhiskers

    Today is monumental

    Finished the very last of my failed pumpkin ale (as cooking beer). Only took a year and a half to get rid of it all. :ban:
  17. ltwhiskers

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Bottled my Red Hook clone today. Going to do a micro (1gal) batch IPA tomorrow.
  18. ltwhiskers

    Wedding beer

    All great ideas. Gracias. Now, any recipe recommendations? :D
  19. ltwhiskers

    Homebrew Supply Websites

    Ah. Good to know. Missed that announcement. Hope they're up soon!