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  1. J

    Deschutes Black Butte Porter

    I was at a conference in Reno this week and tried my first Deschutes Black Butte Porter. WOW! That is one awsome porter. :rockin: Probably the best I've ever had. Does anyone have a clone recipe? I would love to brew this beer, since my chances of getting the commercial version here on...
  2. J

    My first (and SECOND) boilover

    Well, I finally got to experience a boilover. And not only did I experience my first boilover, I experienced my second one only about 3 minutes later! Thankfuly I was brewing on the patio instead of inside or SWMBO may have been a little upset when she got home. More likely though, I would...
  3. J

    new kegerator & beer is FLAT!

    I just started kegging and converted a freezer to a kegerator. It will hold 4 kegs, the CO2 tank, and a case of bottles, so I'm pretty happy with it. The problem is the carbonation level of the beer. The CO2 is set at 10 psi, which my "Volumes of CO2" table says is middle of the road...
  4. J

    brewpubs in Reno

    I'll be in Reno :ban: the last week of April. Any good brewpubs or homebrew points of interest I should take in?
  5. J

    line pressure

    I just started kegging and am having difficulty maintaining a stable reading on my line pressure gauge. I have a 2 gauge regulator and for some reason the pressure on the line gauge keeps dropping. I've checked for leaks and can't find any. I've turned the adjustment screw clock-wise at least...
  6. J

    Excel Brewing Worksheet & yeast strains

    I've created an Excel spreadsheet that works well for those of us who are happy with extract brewing. It will automatically calculate the ABV and correct the Specific Gravity if your hydrometer is calibrated to 60 F. I also have a spreadsheet listing the different types of yeasts, sorted by...
  7. J

    converting a pin-lock corny to a fermenter

    I recently acquired a pin-lock corny keg and want to convert it to a secondary fermenter so I can dry hop and also so I'll have a secondary that's more robust than a glass carboy. Any thoughts on what/how? Should I drill the pressure relief out?... modify one of the poppets?... just drill a...