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  1. fbold1

    Northern Brewer Replacement

    Southern Home Brew has some great deals as does Label Peelers .I also have a great local supplier, Home Brew Ohio.
  2. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    About 4 gallons. The diameter of my pot is 12". The size of the the top surface of the unit is 11" x 11", it probably would be less efficient if the pot had a larger diameter.
  3. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    Well I have had my 3500 watt unit for some time but just used it for the first time, yesterday. I had been using a 1800 watt Duxtop. I would say the results were amazing, fast boil, and great control of the boil to prevent boil over messes. I am very happy with the results. By the way, I...
  4. fbold1

    How-to's, tips, hints. give me your knowledge

    Check out Label Peelers, with their specials I can usually get supplies for less than my local hbs. I have had good luck with the wine expert World vineyard series.
  5. fbold1

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Irish red extract
  6. fbold1

    Looks like Pioneer Breaker is still cheating us

    I don't think that I would do business with this company. read this, of course the picture included with the article is wrong, but you get the idea.
  7. fbold1

    Easy Wide Mouth Bubbler Modification

    I've had sealing problems with my lid too, needs an o-ring or gasket. I like to use a step drill instead of a hole saw, just be careful to stop at the right size.
  8. fbold1

    Craft The Perfect Draft 220 Volt Wiring

    I wouldn't get too hung up on people calling it 110 or 220 or 440. I remember as a kid it was 117 volts instead of 120. what your power company delivers should be fine. Saying that, the village where I am a plant electrician was giving us low voltage last summer. What was supposed to be 2300...
  9. fbold1

    The Brewmasters: Steven Dresler - Sierra Nevada

    I never tried Sierra Nevada before reading this article. Maybe it was the label that never attracted me, (marketing guys take note), after trying it, it is great beer!
  10. fbold1

    Legends in Brewing: Charlie Papazian

    I,as many others, started with Charlie's book. Thanks Andrew, for a great interview!
  11. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    I was just agreeing with you in my own awkward way. :o
  12. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    All equipment must have its own protective device, you certainly can't rely on the breaker in the main panel to protect each appliance that is connected to that circuit, it is sized to protect the wire. Lets say that you try connecting two 120 v. 1500 watt toasters to a 20 amp circuit, it will...
  13. fbold1

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    Nothing wrong with a 30 amp breaker as long as you are using #10 wire. A 120 v breaker is a single breaker and a 240 v breaker is a double breaker with the arms attached.
  14. fbold1

    Pre-made wort

    Sounds like it is a basic wort and you add the flavor and ingredients to make a specific beer style, read this:
  15. fbold1

    Brewer's Friend A Whole New Experience

    I've been using the brewday sheets for my record keeping for several years and they are great, the calculators are useful too.
  16. fbold1

    Brew & A: Leonard "Unionrdr" Cogar

    Great memories, my dad always had a case of POC in the old coal bin and Carling Black Label was my favorite brew, you couldn't get anything fresher. there was always the question, what does POC stand for? Pilsner of Cleveland or piss on Cleveland??
  17. fbold1

    5 Ways to Tweak Your Recipe...Without Touching a Single Ingredient

    This is why it is important to keep good records on every step of the process, two brews could have the same ingredients but have different tastes.
  18. fbold1

    Extract kits in a can?

    As unionrdr said earlier, to get a higher abv you need to add more fermentables to the can of Coopers. Either more malt extract or corn syrup or other sugar source for the yeast to convert to alcohol.
  19. fbold1

    Perle Hops - Bittering for Christmas ale?

    I think that Perle would be an excellent flavor for this style of beer, it is minty and adds a spicy overtone, definitely worth doing.:mug: