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    Nothing Brew Day?

    Alas... 1. Red Ale still working on the cond. tablets. 2. Belgian Whit still pumping in the primary... 3. Secondary waiting... What on earth does one do on a day where you want to brew and just can't? Anyone?
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    Easy Porter

    I am looking for a simple extract porter recipe (or all grain with detailed instructions). Anyone care to offer an arrow in the right direction?
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    Red Ale Resurrection?

    We made an Irish red ale one year ago, the carbonization was stunted. I decided to pick up a few left-over bottles and put 5 primary tablets per half-liter bottle in one of the bottles. Immediately began to bubble, but alas how long should I wait until chilling and enjoying, or dare I say...
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    When to Secondary

    We are making a kit Belgian Whit, got instructions to wait until the primary fermentation has completely stopped before going to the secondary. The instructions said that the airlock would cease in 4-6 days, for us it has been 16 days. We are getting about a 'pop' every 3 minutes or so. Must we...
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    Airlock with Sound?

    Is there such a thing as an airlock that makes a sound every time it bubbles. Becoming a bit tedious staring at an airlock to see if it is still bubbling. Suggestions?