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  1. J

    Beer allergies?

    Ive been doin the brew for almost 6 months now, and I have never ever had a problem. Different yeasts, barleys, etc, no issue. I just made a batch in april, and i used a different no rinse sanitizer than usual, and used a white labs american hefe yeast, and 2 lbs of honey; I also used a wierd...
  2. J

    Primary ferment length vs autolysis questions

    Hey all, I am on batch 6 right now, and have a wheat beer in my primary. I have a general feel for how to do all grain techniques, but there are some finer points of beermaking that escape me. I asked a question to someone that knows something, and he described it as "primary length and...
  3. J

    Questions about Filtration

    current batch 3 pounds german wheat malt 2.5 pounds german 2 row pale .5 pounds german 55L crystal 2 pounds Orange Blossom Honey 1 oz liberty hops pellets (they smell awesome) wyeast American Hefeweizen yeast and I threw in a whirlfloc tablet to clear it all up. It's in the primary...