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    extract weight to volume?

    im planning on brewing today.. i have a 33lb jug of malt extract i was told a gallon is equal to 6lb's is this correct? i just wanted to check on that before i went and did it.
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    Pilsner recipes... which hops?

    im a pilsner guy. i recently went to my local package store becuase they have a small selection of hops and yeast. its only like 10 minutes from my house which is alot closer than my closest LBMS which is like an hour away. anyways, ive been using an ounce of cascade at the start and an...
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    brewing larger batches

    ive been kegging and ive been brewing 5 gallon batches and kegging them in a cornies... i have a sankie keg ive been thinking about using. but i was told to make at least 10 gallons if i do. the problem is, what do i use for a primary? ive searched for big primary buckets but didnt...
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    Blond Ale Recipe

    im having trouble finding a good blond ale recipe from extract. and yes ive searched already. here and on google. this is going to be my second batch. i was planning on starting with 6 lb's of light malt extract and an american ale yeast what hops should i use? and when in the boil?
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    kegging for the first time tonight...

    i am going to keg for the first time tonight. i got my set-up yesterday and all i have to do is sanitize it and she's good to go. i am going to force carb it. ive read everything and i get the general idea. the only question i have is, i know i put it up to about 30 PSI and shake for about...
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    cold crashing in primary

    i have my first brew in the primary now. it will be 2 weeks on friday. i was gonna just leave it in there for the 3 week and not use a secondary. i have a fridge that runs at about 55... should i put it in there for the next week and a half to help clear it out?
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    carboy top?

    so i just bought a carboy to do my secondary in. they didnt have any tops for it. anyone have any suggestions on what i can use instead?
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    tranfering to secondary question

    ive had my first brew in the fermenter bucket for 10 days now. im going to transfer it to a carboy for a secondary. what is the best method/technique for this? everything ive read just says simple stuff like rack it to the secondary. do i just syphon it and let the end of the hose sit on...
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    Final gravity question

    i am in the middle of my first brew... i brewed it last friday and everything went great. it is a pilsner and i had an original gravity of 1.041 it was bubbling away like crazy at the beginning for a few days then slowly went down. its been at a pretty constant 70 degrees the whole...
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    basic kegging info???

    im new to home brewing in general. my first brew will be at 7 days tomorrow. from what ive seen on here i guess you can keg your own beer, i know very little about it. i have a keg avaliable. what else do you need? can someone explain the basic jist of it? like great detail is not needed just...
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    where to find hop rhizomes now?

    i want to grow some hops. i guess its kinda late in the year to start. but i figured it would get them started and next year they would be in and get a better harvest.... the problem is everywhere i check online says they are available april/may-ish... anyone know where i can find some hop...
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    1-2-3/when to bottle question

    i bought the true brew kit a couple weeks ago and this past friday i brewed my first batch. everything went great and its been bubbling away like crazy. the instructions in the book that came with it say that after 7 days the fermentation should be complete and its ready to bottle. ive done...