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  1. Kingsbrew

    Using R/O water for brewing.

    You can create your own water profiles in Beersmith. I am sure the same is true for ProMash and others. Here is one that I created for Pale Ales. Now when I create a recipe for an IPA, APA or other hoppy pale ales I just add this water and the program adds the salts to my recipe. Notice this...
  2. Kingsbrew

    Oops - racked without hydrometer -? 2 do?

    Basically, you don't want to pull the beer off of the yeast until it is finished fermenting. By knowing your OG you can get an idea of what your FG(final gravity) should be. Since his beer started at 1.066 the FG should be somewhere around 1.016(25% of OG). The FG of your 1.050 wort...
  3. Kingsbrew

    Drinking First Beer...Something Went Wrong.

    Did you check the gravity after the one week in primary? Are you sure it had completed fermentation? You don't want to take the beer off of the yeast until you know for sure it is finished. The yeast will do some cleaning up at the end. While you are learning it is best to take gravity...
  4. Kingsbrew

    Discouraged and scared to brew again...

    I have been brewing for about 16 months, AG for about 14 months. My first all grain was terrible, way too sweet. Get back on the horse and work on your process. Your beer will get better! Leroy