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    Selling everything: Brutus 10 system, 8 tap kegerator, and supplies/equipment!

    SOLD I am selling my entire homebrewing system and supplies, packaged together. This includes a Brutus 10 propane system (15 gallon), 8 tap kegerator, 18 cu ft upright freezer (fermentation chamber), old fridge/freezer, and all the supplies you would need. I do not have time to brew beer...
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    35 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank - Craiglist

    35 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank for Brewing or Biodiesel Not sure if anyone needs, but this is one crazy tank...
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    Buying cornelius/tank on CL

    buying a filled 20lb tank (2007 date, supposely) and 7 cornelius for $200. Is there anything I should look out for on the equipment? I don't want to get screwed over.... -Proph3t
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    Love controller temp

    So... hooked it up Love controller EW-93520-00 (Cole-Parmer) to my fridge based on this specifications and I can't get a proper reading on my carboy. I've tried duct taping the sensor with painters tape, packing tape, duck tape even tried taping it first then surronding it with insulation...