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    The HOAX that is Global Warming

    In response to How can you so readily accept the premise of global warming? How long have you been here? And who are you (or we for that matter) to determine the optimum temperature of the planet? Seriously, open your mind and realize that you are being brainwashed by liberal idiots...
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    Removed aroma hops too early?

    I brewed my second batch Sunday afternoon. It was getting late and I was in a hurry. When the boil was finished, I quickly removed the hops and started to cool, whilst forgetting that I needed to leave the aroma hops in to steep while the wort was cooling. I am hoping that this will not affect...
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    1st Brew Day!

    I've just wrapped up my first brew day! :mug: However I do have just a couple least for right now. First, it seems the rubber stopper in the carboy is fairly loose? Not sure if it is supposed to be that way or not and secondly, what's the best way to clean the reusable mesh bags...
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    A beginner's equipment

    So I'm wanting to pull the trigger on purchasing this as my starting equipment. Any suggestions and/or comments. I'm fairly sure that this is a hobby I wish to pursue for some time. Should I go with a kit like this or downgrade somewhat....or upgrade for that matter? :mug: