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  1. johnlvs2run

    love controller ~ cycle time

    My setup usually runs for 6 minutes an hour, but I've changed the freezer and want to make sure it doesn't run any longer than 6 minutes. Can this be done by setting the cycle time to 6, i.e. does the cycle time mean the run time? ~~~ Hold [set] for 8 seconds when the [probe temperature] is...
  2. johnlvs2run

    temperature control switch - ebay - which one to get?

    I'm looking for a 110v temperature control switch to run a freezer. I've been using a Love TS-13010 (Cole-Parmer EW-93520-00) to run a chest fridge conversion for several years. It's fine but the price is too high. Update: I've decided to get this temperature controller switch for $16.78...
  3. johnlvs2run

    how to program a love controller

    I have wired a love temperature controller TS-13010 version 2, May 2008. The programming instructions are not very clear. All that I get when I press [set] is a number that goes from -50 to 150 degrees. When I press [set] again it just goes back and forth between SP and that number. But there...
  4. johnlvs2run

    7cf freezer conversion to fridge

    I've got a 7cf freezer that is full, and am looking to get another one to convert to a fridge. My plan is to replace the thermostat in a Whirlpool EH070CFX from Costco with this Love controller. Controllers-Panel Mount And Love On/Off Temperature Controllers - Cole-Parmer Catalog I've read...