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  1. talleym0nster

    PO'd at Supplier [RESOLVED]

    I agree. I had an issue with an order once. A tube of LME had burst open shipping, getting LME everywhere, and losing probably 1/6 of my extract. I was still able to brew my beer, just had a little less LME. He gave me half off my next recipe kit.:D
  2. talleym0nster

    Brands with Pry-off bottles

    Ditto on the Bass bottles. I had about a case worth that I had to was painful.:o
  3. vvvviolet_030


    Craigslist score...204 SA bottles.
  4. talleym0nster

    Shady Lady Brewing Company

    Cool. That's like what Rogue does with a lot of their labels and I think it works really well.
  5. talleym0nster

    Basic Brewing Radio...

    I just went to the site last night and downloaded a bunch of their podcasts. I listened to January 24, 2008 - Mash Tun Efficiency (with John Palmer) today in it's entirety, and started on November 24, 2005 - John Palmer on All Grain Pt. 1. I just went through and picked several that were...
  6. talleym0nster

    Which cooler to get...

    I went to Basic Brewing Radio and downloaded a bunch of podcasts. Listened to January 24, 2008 - Mash Tun Efficiencywith John Palmer today. Learned a lot. I'm downloading them all!
  7. talleym0nster

    Kid Pics

    A new one of me and Violet: She'll be 16 months old in two weeks!
  8. talleym0nster

    Craigslist score....and more

    I just got home from picking up some bottles I found via craigslist. The guy told me he had 12 6pack cases of bottles. I got there and this is what he had: 17 12 packs of SA bottles.....204 bottles. All with labels still on them:drunk: That'll be fun! Oh well, it's worth it. It'll...
  9. talleym0nster

    Favorite Brewing Music

    Michael Bolton....and only Michael Bolton.
  10. talleym0nster

    Which cooler to get...

    I have seen a few youtube videos of a spinning sparge arm. How does that work?
  11. talleym0nster

    Which cooler to get...

    I think at this point in time I have decided to go with fly sparging.......unless you can convince me otherwise. speaking of sparge arms.....I have noticed that on the cooler MLT's some have mounted their arm to the underside of the lid. How do you monitor/adjust the rate of flow? The lid...
  12. talleym0nster

    Which cooler to get...

    I found the 50qt w/o wheels at Target.
  13. talleym0nster

    Shady Lady Brewing Company

    Awesome Design! Very cool. What editing program did you use?
  14. talleym0nster

    Which cooler to get...

    I have another question concerning the mash tun..... For my sparge arm...... copper or cpvc? Is it just a matter of personal preference? Will cpvc with hold the high temps?
  15. talleym0nster

    SWMBO is pissed...

    Oh man, good stuff. I've learned to just say "Yes Dear". Regardless. Every. Effin. Time.
  16. talleym0nster

    first big beer party went well

    How old were the children? Because if it was me as a teenager, you can be sure I get a few drinks in as well. But that's awesome man. I'm glad to hear everybody received your brew so well. I can't wait to throw a home brew party!
  17. talleym0nster

    Generation Kill, anybody?

    DAMN!!! I finally find a TV show worth staying up late for and it leaves me hanging.:mad:
  18. talleym0nster

    Always buckle up!

    Hardway I.P.A. Our IPA is an American-style India Pale Ale. It is an unfiltered beer hopped with US Centennial, Summit, Goldings and Columbus varieties.