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  1. lil' league

    For Sale March pumps brand new *cheap (Austin, TX)

    Hello all, I bought these two pumps a long time ago with the intention of building a large system but never got around to it. The model number is 957-001-01 1/15 hp magnetic drive motor I've been out of brewing for quite a few years now so I'm not really sure what these are worth, but I'm...
  2. lil' league

    Texas Selling off my entire home brewery *MUST SELL*

    Here is the link to my craigslist ad:
  3. lil' league

    Brewers in Austin

    Anyone in the Austin area interested in getting a group together for brewing and tasting/critiquing?
  4. lil' league

    15G Brew Sculpture (Tippy Clone)

    I really liked the design of the B3 tippy dump.. It saves a little bit of space and it only needs 1 pump! I've been stacking my pots on furniture for too long.. THE BUILD IS ON! Stage 1:
  5. lil' league

    The CO2 Leak Mystery

    Ok, so I have a 6 keg setup in my keezer with a 20lb co2 cylinder. When I first hooked everything up it worked great.. no leaks, consistent pressure. About 2 weeks later I check the reg.. and I have 0 psi in my tank! So I figured something went majorly wrong during that timeframe, so I get it...
  6. lil' league

    March Pump Question

    I picked 2 of these up on ebay, does anyone think I'll have any issues with these? Any suggestions on tubing application (since its an impeller pump) or will I need to hard plumb? Thanks