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  1. quaxk

    I want to try two chicks at the same time.

    Don't get upset you judgmental pricks. And don't lie to me. I know some of you did it at some point. Some are probably doing it right now. Yeah, you, mister multiple girlfriends, talk to me :D So anyway, I got a flat in big city and the GF live 100km from here. We usually see each other on...
  2. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Hi all :) So, I started two 20L batches of apfelwein in 25L plastic fermenters 3 weeks ago and now I got those little floating dots worrying me. They're kind of off white / light grey and some are sinking or in suspension, I'm not sure. If they're moving it's too slow for me to detect. Is...